This video had been sent via our intel submission form but somehow I had missed it, after watching it fully I think its a pretty cool insight on the current tactics used in null/lowsec warfare.

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This was a fight over our Fortizar citadel in Ignoitton (lowsec). We (Snuffed Out, joined by No Handlebars for this fight, and Pen Is Out and Salt Farmers) brought our trademark Rattlesnakes with support and a handful of dreadnoughts, force auxiliaries and carriers. NC., Shadow Cartel, Panic Attack & friends brought Lokis, Machariels and Vindicators as well as three force auxiliaries.

First of all, my stupid external numpad I use for pretty much all my ship controls decided to forget all it’s settings literally 3 minutes before it was time to undock, so I was fumbling about with trying to find the corresponding controls on the regular keyboard, something I’ve not done in 5 years! Was pretty hilarious 😛

One of the most interesting aspects of this fight was the command destroyers involved. The enemy was really good at booshing off our sentry drones – because they know full well that with sentries taken out of the picture, Rattlesnakes are pretty much defanged. We were on our last flight of sentries when we got booshed off instead of the drones, but then, as you’ll see, our hero command destroyer pilot booshed us right back into the thick of it – hero save!

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Battle Summary:


  1. The mainstage comes after Appearing Courses.

    October 9, 2018 at 18:04 Reply
  2. The mainstage comes after Performing Lessons.

    October 18, 2018 at 16:34 Reply

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