Is that time of the year again? hell yes! Black Friday is here, we have a list of the coolest deal available. Make sure to hull tank that wallet.

Omega Rush

The Omega Rush main appeal is to allow you to active train the three characters in your account, for three months. Pretty neat especially now that a lot of nullsec industry opportunities are opening up, mostly out of necessity (reactions, etc)

The full contents of this pack include:

3 months of Omega
2x 90 days of Multiple Character Training
5x Skill Extractors
1x Body Resculpt Certificate
1x Apocalypse Star Captain SKIN
4x Apparel items

King’s Ransom

This one is a bit different, it gives you about 3 billion worth of PLEX plus an Exclusive King’s Ransom skin for the Rattlesnake Battleship:


[ Buy Now from the EVE Online Store ]


Markee Dragon 15% PLEX

Our friends at Markee Dragon have another cool promotion, all PLEX is 15% off and Golden Pods are 25% off, this promotion goes on until Monday.


[ Check out Markee Dragon’s PLEX Deals ]


Amazon Options

For those of you with gift cards or if you simply like using Amazon for your shopping, you can also get 15% off buying off Amazon, check the link below for details:


[ Amazon Plex Deals ]


  • Sabela San

    I found out there is a 15% discount on PLEX via STEAM.

    To be able to claim it you have to link EVE Online and STEAM, and launch the game via STEAM.

    The loader will update and it will ask you for your main account email.

    Then a new account will be available in your loader account list (something with a name like: STEAM:XXXXXXXXXX).

    Then you should log into eve account management via Steam and activate your newly steam created account via a confirmation mail.

    After all this, you can buy PLEX via STEAM and claim it in the newly created account with the STEAM name.

    Legit. I bought a PLEX pack with a 15% discount this Black Friday.