WINGSPAN TT has been busy creating multiplayer gaming videos and today they bring us a full-length EVE Online movie. Netting 2.5 hours, Going South brings an interesting perspective on the moving parts that make EVE Online such an engaging experience.

In 2016, WINGSPAN Delivery Services was contracted to make a delivery to a very special group of wormhole customers: the members of Hispanic Enterprises corporation. But what began as a routine covert ops gank quickly spiraled into a month-long epic riddled with intrigue, betrayal, espionage, theft, real-life threats and, of course… torpedoes!

Recut from the original 10-part series edited from over 200 hours of raw footage, this version of GOING SOUTH is a 2.5 hour feature-length film and one of the most epic EVE Online stories ever told.

  • Sesson 2 its Also good!!!

  • derp

    2,5 hours ..of a non live twitch stream. thats how it feels. i expected something good like clear skies. but thats just ingame footage with comms recorded…like a non-live-twitsch stream. boring . 🙁

  • Bla5to Frigate

    I loved Going South. Wingspan video's are what got me into EvE and I enjoy the way that they have fun.

  • AUTsmarted

    This is a Masterpiece of Eve Entertainment. 2 1/2h of ingame Spaceship love.
    This might bring new players to eve and old veterans back into their capsule.
    And first of all such a Video is still a huge amount of work.

    Great Video
    o7 to Wingspan