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Vitriol abounds in Eve.

Comments that reflect bitterness and deep-seated ill will (aka vitriol) such as Eve is dying, Eve is dead or Eve is broken, are slung about in social media posts by players who’ve devoted years to the game. Fueled by jealousy over changes in the game that, according to many observers, have made it easier and faster to gain experience for the new player, bitter vets sprinkle their negativity across the Interwebz. They feel that their years in the game gives them license to berate, belittle and scare off newcomers with overused and tired lines like “Eve is dying” and endless rants about how skill injectors are cheating, or how Alpha players represent the death of all that’s holy.

“It’s a shame because these comments are usually what is posted on social media (where potential new players learn about the game),” says Jeff, who’s played Eve on and off since 2013. He adds that the comments put off new players. “I worry that this has an adverse effect on Eve. If a new guy was looking at the post thinking Eve looked like a cool game and was ready to give it a go (but) then reads the comments” and changes their mind.

But is it really that bad? Many don’t buy into the anti-hype. Rather than Eve dying, “I think the bitter vets are dying,” says Tiger from his POS in null sec. He joined the game in 2014, wandered high sec for a while, then checked out low sec and factional warfare before settling in null sec with a large alliance. Tiger’s advice for the embittered vet? “I think they need to get into a fleet and just shoot something.” He adds that experienced players are “used to doing things in some way, but forget that Eve is ever changing and they need to adapt.”

Eve’s history bears out Tiger’s view. From the 2003 introduction of T2 components in the Castor release to last month’s Lifeblood release, Eve has undergone 37 major upgrades. Each one has brought changes to the game, and each one has upset or excited a percentage of the player base. Adapting to those changes has challenged the player who’s grown accustomed to playing in a certain style, but the new player has the advantage of not having any knowledge of “the way it used to be” and can focus on the way it is rather than bemoan the changes.

Why such angry players keep playing is a question not easily answered. One vet with over 10 years in the game sits in 4×4 in Jita bewailing the death of Eve and telling anyone willing to listen that “he hates the game.” Asked why he logs in, his response is a mumbled “I don’t know.” A typical comm session between bitter vet corp-mates can be an endless tirade about “the good old days” and why Eve now “sucks.” Others login and go about their business but if asked will wail over the loss of something they can’t quite put into words. Some believe that even the bitter vets who claim to hate the game still love it.

Four-year vets Honey and Rosie ask, “I mean most of the people that post negative comments are playing something else anyway and say they no longer care about Eve, so why are they still attached to the social media pages?” They believe Eve is so immersive that the embittered players “still care … and that’s how immersive this game is.”

The answer may lie in how one approaches the game. The two most common descriptions of Eve is that it’s a “PVP game” and that it’s a “social game.” The social side appears to be a real attraction. “I think the reason people play an MMO is to achieve something that’s not fulfilled in their real life,” says Jeff. “Some people want to be rich, some want to have power, some want to be nasty and rude and ruin other’s fun.” He says Eve is an “awesome game as long as you find the right people to play it with. Find a group that plays in your timezone and who are willing to teach you the basics.”

Then there’s the pew pew. Tiger suggests a new player “get into a T1 destroyer and gank a mining barge in high sec. There’s nothing like it.”

“Don’t be afraid to get blown up,” says Rosie. “There’s no right or wrong way to play Eve.


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  • EVE is a game that is a bit more "fun" to play if you approach it with a token of seriousness. The problem is that some fellows think that as much serious they play it the more fun it will be. Never the case.

  • Vindicator1

    If you approach EVE with any stigma you'll have a different experience than the next person. Eve is a sandbox, let people guide you, but not change what you want to do.

  • Nataku

    I would be on the bitter side since I started back in 2005 and ended at the start of 2016, however I don't hate eve hell I will give people a hard time trying to tell me eve is shit.

    But everybody has some reason for quitting, I think most vets don't stop of a single reason but a build up of changes that at some point they simply can't care anymore. Now change is good otherwise eve would have died off long ago, but many will see things they liked get changed for what they feel is not what they came to love about the game.

    I myself fell victim to that and I had to adept so many times but at some point enough was enough. I can see many flaws in eve and sure if I would lay them out they would sound really negative. But I atleast know that those are my views of the game and do not reflect how others view it. I will probably actually come back to the game at some point to hopefully see it with a fresh mind again.

    As for eve is dying, lol yeah that's unlikely to happen anytime soon. However I think just looking at the online numbers one can say its stagnating. But give the vets some credits they have adapted more then most newer pilots realize, and those that are still around I am pretty sure even they are bitter about a lot of things but somewhere have found a way to keep pushing forward.

  • Troll

    Eve is dying, confirmed.

  • Whatabout ccpgames keep pushing the p2w model.

    Regards, a Freelancer

  • Tornii

    The "the way it used to be" sentiment is not only the unfounded, subjective "EVE is dying" claim. It is also substantiated opinion based on measurable observations like this one:

    Would be beneficial for EN24 if pieces like this one gave more thought to the idea of variety instead of suiting it to a pre-arranged narrative.

    • Padrick

      Your linked article makes some good points. Ones that I personally agree with. In the case of the EveNews24 article, though, the author isn't discussing that issue. There's more than one aspect to this subject. You covered one. He covered another.

      • Tornii

        But my point is, an article on an issue should strive to represent more than one aspect to the subject, otherwise it is misrepresenting a subject as only having one dimension.

        In this case it is saying "People complaining about "the good old days" are just bittervets being salty because they do not want to adapt", instead of noting there are players with a diverse and articulated set of issues about the different changes EVE has undergone, and how they have supposedly hurt the game.

  • Lavoie

    I retired 🙂 thank you to everyone I met in the game, good and bad alike. My stats were important to me ! Peace

  • 200k+ vs 36000 actuve, number of "active' player from 2005 to 2016 when I quit playing. CCP has followed the circuit city manual on how to kill your business to a T. Claiming otherwise is naive at best an outright lie at worst.