Hey again folks. Thanks for the feedback so far.

After some discussions internally and with the CSM we agree with one of the major points many of you are bringing forward: that the removal of the extra jumps before refueling feels too painful after a few weeks of time with the post-Lifeblood status quo.

We are adding another set of tweaks to this package to bring back most of the fuel bay size benefits while preserving our key goals:

Further reduction in isotope volume by 40% (to 0.03m3)
+20% increase in jump freighter fuel bay volumes
The end result combined with the isotope volume reduction last month is that most jump-capable ships will be able to jump 66% farther a fuel bay as they could pre-Lifeblood, Jump Freighters will be able to jump 100% farther on a fuel bay as they could pre-Lifeblood (the same distance as current post-Lifeblood TQ) and Black Ops will be able to jump ~114% father than pre-Lifeblood (~7% father than current TQ)

These additional changes will be hitting Sisi soon so that you can give them a try there and let us know what you think.

– CCP Fozzie

[ Ongoing EVE-O feedback thread ]

  • kalain apsulen

    Great! Sound good to me!

  • Guest

    More cost in fuel, more expense to move about (not good)

    1) get rid of jump fatigue!
    2) get rid of jump timers!
    3) let people use and loose there capitals they have! Let people play
    4) Stop squeezing every isk ounce of doing basic tasks in eve online
    5) reduce costs of player owned structures instead of being 10x or 15 x that of pos's to do same tasks
    6) reduce caps parts m3 size (i.e. cap parts to haul (if needed) say typical 150+ parts are 150km3 which are larger often that Citidal and structure package m3 sizes – crazy.
    it seems eve is hell bent on trying to stop you playing and enjoying the game to much now.
    as one pos for 1b could do manufacturing, mining, research etc, not you have to have multi bil structures for each one, fit for a few more bil and fuel each.

    It like saying we take you car away that cost you 20k, could play music, had sat nav and go you from a to b.

    To now having to own 5 different cars (each one being 100k) one to play music, one to looks at maps, and one just to move about, each costing their own fuel, insurance and cost to purchase, so there prices and seperate uses verses price is so inflated from what players had before (even if cool mechanics to use).

    🙁 come on ccp "Make eve great again".

  • denn

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    • mitchellanderson

      looks like who ever is running evenews24 now is erasing comments

  • This article was informative,will be waiting for more article like this.

  • Toad

    The Problem in even is not fuel needs or range it's the timers one has to wait…. the better answer to the blob affect was the same as day one allow blobs to happen. Just make it require more people, via reduced bay size to make more refueling points or a lot shorter ranges. Eve use to mean some thing in terms of the largest battles the net had to provide……. Now Eve Online has turned to a joke because you have a CSM that is voted in by a Group of zombies just voting for who ever there richest idol is.

    For this Eve Online has suffered the Wrath that most soon to be or in this case " Once Was " Best online game that people wanted to try or would call in sick to be a part of game. CCP wake up no more free to play and get back to a gamers game. Not his dictated game swaying from the goal of a sand box that is in control of what ever group can get supports to give them what the wan.

    Balance is balance if it is a over powering effect make it require more work to get what is desired, if you keep softening the blow for every one the game like real word suffers economic stability loss. Great example OMG i could logg in all 40 accounts for free for a year with 1 account of on hand isk.

    And i was small fish when i left now i could have anything for that isk, game lost with out me playing it has no advantage.
    Yours Truly… Ribbit