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Hello, space-friends! Back in November 2015, CCP’s art team added killmarks and dust to all ships.

Since then, pilots have been able to proudly display their spaceship exploding prowess for all to see. It was a welcome feature and a point of pride for many pilots.

Sadly, there is a class of pilot who, while crucial to any large scale battle, can never receive such an accolade. This is the plight of the dedicated logistics pilot. Logibros fleet up like everyone else, follow the FC calls, and contribute to the victory of any contested fleet op. But where are the accolades? Where are the laurels? Aside from the satisfaction of a job well done and the appreciation of the pilots that don’t explode due to logi efforts, we get nothing, at least nothing shiny to put on our ships.

What if Logistics ships got “Save marks?” It could work like this: if a ship gets down into structure and logi saves the ship, all involved logi get a save mark. We could define “saving a ship” as bringing it back from structure damage such that it stops being targeted.

Killmarks are only for the final blow. Similarly, save marks would only apply if the saved ship’s structure was damaged but survived due to remote repairs. Many logibros would enjoy the recognition and decoration shown on their ship. It would be fairly simple to implement, as mechanisms for killmarks could be duplicated and adjusted to fit the situation.

What do you think, space-friends? Would you appreciate save marks on your logistic ships? Let CCP (and us) know in the comments!

This has been Moon Moon Burdy, opining for EveNews24. #logilove


Featured image credit: Razorien

  • friendly guardian

    so, what, you want me to deliberately let my allies drop in structure before I engage my reps?
    [spoiler]I already do that[/spoiler]
    Unless they pay up for premium logi fare

  • Smitty U

    I think it's a great idea. Maybe you get a save mark for a certain amount of reps you rep. Like every 10k worth of reps you rep up a fleet mate you get a save mark or 50k. The amount isn't really a big deal as long as there was a way to get them. +1 for save marks and Moon Moon

  • The14th

    I suppose the biggest question would be how long does the target ship have to continue living to earn the mark.

    • Now, my friend, that's what I call raising the stakes.

  • Nevil Kincade

    This would reward bad play on the logi pilots part. Players horny for save mark could let their fleet mates dip into hull on purpose.
    I would prefer awarding a save mark for every 100 rep cycles that were effectively restoring the full amount of HP or something in that direction.

    • xD xD xD

      ACkschphfschTUALLY… letting your fleet mates dip into hull is good because it means enemy dps was diverted for longer. it also baits overheating and gives the logi pilot more time to assess if the enemy is attempting a fast switch. Also normal killmarks encourage bad play because people pull dps to time the last hit with alpha. The main problem is that this system could be done with a character and his alt, although I suppose that's true of normal killmarks as well.

  • xD xD xD

    The problem is that people could accumulate killmarks artificially with an alt or something.. also does anyone else think the killmarks are kind of lackluster? in my mind, they would be huge tally-marks gouged into the hull (amarr), street graffiti-style tags (minmatar), an*me girls (c*ldari), and corporate sponsorships like redbull/monster (gallente).. not sure how feasible that is

  • Glitch Online

    Can we get cheek box to opt out, just seems like a cheap bone to throw at logi rather than fixing it. I know these graphics have nothing to do with the game play, but I'd rather do the job and not have a giant "look at me"sing.