A few hours ago, the following ping was broadcasted by Sort Dragon who is Darkness. leader:

@everyone Timestamp: 2017-11-14 01:48:54 From: Sort Dragon To: coalition_pings As of this moment all [offensive] ops against the DRF have stopped.
Time to take us home ladies.
Starting tonight AU if the fcs are around we will start moving home.
When we are home I will explain to you it all.
But time for us to go home and enjoy ourselves a bit.
This war has been fun blah blah blah.
Im posting move ops right now.

What does this means? I took the time to ask for a comment to a GOTG diplomat who asked his name to be withheld:

We made the point that our allies cannot have crazy diplomats lying to us and allowing hostile alliances attack us from the space.. sort drew his pound of flesh, we made the point that actions have consequences, and our FCs got a lot of good training..

This goes pretty much in line with comments made by Manfred Sideous, DRF Campaign commander:

I think the conflict between DCU and GOTG was good for everyone. Everyone won in the end. Sort was rightly mad that TEST was allowed to stage from drones ( who he had a peaceful neighbor agreement with). He brought GOTG and showed he would not tolerate shit like that. The rogue Diplomat who caused this whole mess was ousted. We had some amazing fights where both sides bloodied each other. Point made, situation fixed, content enjoyed

So, there you have it. Points were made, gud-fites were had.

– R


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