Hey guys, starting today I will be replacing Johann Landier as the Editor in Chief of EVE News24. I cannot express how much appreciation I have for all the work Johann’s has done in EN24 and we wish him the best of luck on his future projects.

What’s next?

I will take over Evenews24 and build on the lessons learned throughout these years.

When I founded EN24 along Czech Lion, nobody gave a dime for us. Despite this, the vision shared by us two had a disruptive reception within the EN24 community and it is my goal to bring this mindset back into EN24.

Expect the following:

– A total revamp of our editorial process.
– A shift in content type focus.
– A higher content throughput.
– New avenues for our readers to participate and engage in EN24’s coverage.
– Innovative takes on how EVE Online content is consumed.

I appreciate the support our CCP Games, the advertisers, and our readers have shown throughout these years and speaking on behalf of the EN24 team, our supporters can rest assured the best of EN24 is still yet to come.

If you want to join our team, provide feedback or just hang around with the cool kids, you are always welcome to join our discord:

[ EN24 Discord ]

– R

  • kalain apsulen

    Good luck R ! Keep doing a great job your prdecesor did! Regards from Tanzania.

  • здесь на этом интернет-блоге подобран большой набор свежих новостей обо всем.

  • Dandy Andy

    Good move maybe evenews can get some credibility back.

  • crunchy clown

    Riv for president!! Glad on the job! o7

    • Krusty

      GL on the job *

  • xD xD xD


  • Guest

    More battle reports?

    And continuing no Seraph Butterham.


  • Mi scuso che sono interrompere, ma potrebbe dare ulteriori informazioni.
    Rexuiz FPS game

  • Shayiskhun

    Whyyyy had to replace disq?

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