An unfortunate fleet of Orcas was intercepted on a gate by a flash-formed fleet in Yveve yesterday evening after leaving the main highsec pocket of Solitude. The Orca fleet, totalling 12, waited on the Yveve gate in highsec for 3 or 4 minutes, where they were spotted by the local alliance.  A fleet flash-formed in Yveve in the hopes the fleet would jump, including an Ashimmu which was followed into Yveve by the Orca fleet only seconds after it jumped.

The oblivious Orcas, which appeared to be piloted by a multi-boxer, were remote-cap fitted and equipped with only T1 Hammerheads. Four managed to escape being pointed initially and escaped to Elore, where three more were caught, leaving one survivor, who continued alone down the lowsec pipe to a highsec pocket and – miraculously – lived to tell the tale.

Reddit: Cavemen. go whale-clubbing ]

Eleven Orcas were destroyed to a total of 8b in losses, and it’s still not clear what the mission of the fleet was. Perhaps simply to find a quiet corner- or maybe the moon goo was just too tempting.


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