The loss of an Alliance Tournament prize ship is always an event to note in EVE. In a world where you can pretty much buy anything you want if you have enough isk, limited edition items become nothing short of priceless.

Today’s most eventful killmail belongs to sabastyian from Lazerhawks who lost such invaluable vessel to a SOLAR Fleet gang.

The pilot commented on a reddit thread:

Roaming with worm, rapier was looking sketch so we werent doing much with it, random deimos allied with worm attacked me. worm got him to stop, rapier by this point burned in just enough, deimos web didnt disengage because cycle. local spiked by 80. Was like 6-10km off gate.

From all the accounts given, bjor_ambra’s seems to be the best-articulated one:

So I was out doing my daily cyno police duties throughout one of the fcon krabbing pockets in my instawarp dram, you know just another tuesday during the eviction. I noticed a cyno on the map in F-ZBO0 and headed over there to collect some more killmarks. While I did get a kill (, sabastyian decloaked in his shiny Caedes and pointed me on a fort (
After killing me, we chatted a bit and decided to harass FCON/SOLAR together, while I went to reship to a Worm sabastyian nabbed a hecate ( and he fleeted me and we got on comms to try for some easy node runner frags. As we expanded our search for killmarks sabastyian found a rapier in T6GY-Y that we thought we could go for, I got my augmented hobs out and starting plinking at the recon while staying out of overheated point range.
Unbeknownst to me, another Tri guy was also out hunting in his Deimos and decloaked for the Rapier at about the same time the Caedes did, the Deimos pilot spotting the AT ship primaried the frigate and sab started asking on comms to message my dude. I convoed the Tri Deimos to get him to pull DPS but it was too late, local spiked +70 Solar and the rest is easy to figure out.
Sorry for your loss sabastyian, you have huge balls to use that AB ship in null.

This is only the second Caedes ship to be downed in New Eden.

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