Until November 2, Humble Bundle is offering EVE Online Premium Edition at 50% off – $24.99 USD. Though it’s intended as a starter pack, Humble’s offer has features that may appeal to established players as well.

  • Premium Edition can upgrade an Alpha account via thirty days of Omega time. Value: $14.95 USD purchased outright, or $19.95 USD worth of PLEX (roughly 1.6 billion ISK). This only applies if the Alpha account hasn’t had Omega status before – but still.
  • The bundle includes a Multiple Pilot Training Certificate. Value: roughly 1.5 billion ISK, so another twenty bucks.
  • 650 PLEX. Value: around $26.
  • ‘4 male and 4 female apparel pieces.’
  • 8 ‘unique ship SKINs.’ One Premium Edition buyer listed the following:
    • Thorax Serpentis (Jita sell price: 3.9m)
    • Stabber Blue Tiger (Jita sell price: 1.3m)
    • Rifter Blue Tiger (Jita sell price: 0.12m)
    • Punisher Raata Sunset (Jita sell price: 1.5m)
    • Omen Raata Sunset (Jita sell price: 2m)
    • Merlin Matigu Seabeast (Jita sell price: 1m)
    • Incursus Serpentis (Jita sell price: 0.8-2.5m)
    • Caracal Matigu Seabeast (Jita sell price: 5.2m)

Once you sort out the PLEX/ISK/USD to your satisfaction, you could wind up with three months of Omega time for twenty-five bucks, which is about as steep a discount as you’ll ever find. 

Compared to sales on GOG or Steam, Humble Bundle generally offers comparable or better value for money, and all purchases benefit your choice of 20,000 charities. The downside is that Humble’s bundles generally skew toward less visible and popular games and content. While a Humble Bundle is a great way to get a taste of the indie scene or find a diamond in the rough, triple-A titles don’t seem to get as much screen time on Humble as on GOG or Steam. Bottom line, it’s not often I look at Humble and see a game I need to have. This EVE deal might be the exception.

Jenne Exupery is a low-wattage independent who dabbles in shipping, salvage, trade, exploration, and nearly victimless heists. He can usually be found bumming around Derelik and Domain under one name or another. Preferred contact method: in-game mail to Jenne Exupery of Manticore-Horizon Shipping [MANHO].

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