The war in the South East has been raging for quite a while now. The Drone Regions Federation & Phoenix Federation are fighting against Triumvirate and their friends in Fraternity in the regions of Immensea & Detorid. TEST Alliance Please Ignore has deployed to Catch and are fighting against the marauders in that region alongside Brave and other members of Legacy Coalition. Pandemic Legion is staged out of Jamunda in Curse basically doing what PL does. Pandemic Horde and Snuffed Out are there also, so needless to say there are plenty of people in the neighbourhood and there is plenty of fighting going on.

Some friends of mine in Mercenary Coalition who wished to remain anonymous have told me that they’ve just deployed to HLW-HP on a contract to attack TRI and “push them out”.

I approached their EUTZ Diplomat Joshua Foiritain to confirm the accuracy of the above. Whilst he couldn’t confirm who they’re in Curse to attack for Opsec reasons, he did tell me that they have “quite a list” of people to shoot.

If MC is deploying against TRI, the odds for TRI grow even worse than they already are … If however the information turns out to be false and they’re here to fight alongside TRI, could this be the catalyst which turns the momentum of the war back in TRI’s favour? – We’ll soon find out.

I’ll update the article with more information as and when it becomes available to me.

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