After almost two months of hard work, and a couple of weeks of viewing and voting, the results are in and we have a winner. However, before we get to that let’s see how we got here:

First, in partnership with JohnDrees, we announced the contest and rules here and with this video:


After several weeks of work and editing we had four finalists make it across the finish line. All four of them did excellent work and, in my opinion, are great examples of players who deepen the story of New Eden and make this game truly great.

In no particular order, the four finalists are:

Awulf : This is Adhocracy

Yossarian Yassavi : This One Summer, In Nullsec


Loutro Fift: Eve Online, What you can expect

Entriri Crendraven: Digital Vendetta

And now for the results:

  • 4th Place – Loutro Fift: Eve Online, What you can expect (2 Billion ISK Prize)
  • 3rd Place – Entriri Crendraven: Digital Vendetta (3 Billion ISK Prize)
  • 2nd Place – Awulf: This is Adhocracy (5 Billion ISK Prize)
  • 1st Place – Yossarian Yassavi: This One Summer, In Nullsec (10 Billion ISK Prize)

We would like to thank all the contestants, the judges, and the public who voted. We had approximately 200 vote for their favorite and it was actually the public vote that broke the tie between the judges for 1st Place.



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