In recent days, the Caldari-Gallente warzone has heated up quite nicely. As pointed out in our previous update, the Caldari push to restore some semblance of balance in the war zone had lured back large numbers of GalMil pilots from the far reaches of Galmilistan (Cloud Ring). The Gallente took back two systems quickly, which threatened to stall the CalMil assault and leave the warzone devoid of conflict once more.

Luckily enough, some determined Caldari pilots decided to press on and blitzed the well-known gate camping grounds of Tama. It fell on September 30, with limited resistance from Gallente forces. However, losing Tama seems to have triggered at least part of the Gallente militia, as Reddit posts started popping up to support the recapture of Tama with some high-grade FW propaganda (here, here, here and here). This was quickly countered by CalMil and hey presto, we had a small-scale system siege on our hands: Tama became the most violent system in EVE according to dotlan statistics.

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