Immensea Region, XVV-21 System … The evening of 29/09/2017. A Fortizar class Citadel belonging to FCON which had twice been reinforced by Pandemic Legion was due to enter it’s structure timer. Both sides formed for what everyone expected to be a big battle. I don’t think anybody was prepared for the armada formed by the defenders.

Phoenix Federation formed a full 256 man Abbadon Battleship Fleet as well as a Capital Fleet with about 130 Carriers, Dreadnoughts, Force Auxiliaries & Supercarriers. They also formed a 3rd 120 man Confessor Support Fleet.

Test Alliance Please Ignore formed close to 200 Force Auxiliaries, Carriers & Supercarriers as well as a 135 man Nightmare Fleet.

DCU formed a 160 man Sleipnir Fleet.

DRF formed two fleets comprising of around 200 Machariels supported by approximately 80 Dreadnoughts, 20 Supercarriers.

In preparation for the battle, the subcapital fleets as well as the Carriers, Supers and Fax’s entered system and set up position tethered on the Fortizar. It was quite a sight to see. As the Citadel became vulnerable local numbered over 1,000 with over 200 Dreadnoughts still waiting in the Phoenix Federation Keepstar in 4-GB14.

As the counter ticked away, the attackers, and fair play to them for not blueballing, entered system. Pandemic Legion/Waffles brought Machariels, Triumvirate also brought Machariels, Red Alliance and co brought Ferox’s & Northern Coalition. brought Loki’s. Unfortunately, I don’t have sizes on their fleets although PFED Command Comms mentioned that the NC. had about 160 Loki’s. With only a couple of minutes remaining on the repair timer the TRI Mach’s warped to the Fortizar at 200km, soon joined by PL. The swarm of Fighters from the hundreds of Carriers made best speed across the void and despite the best efforts of all the smartbombs, began to take down the Machs 1 by 1.

It wasn’t really a battle, it was a turkey shoot. Mach after Mach was fed to the swarm of Fighters. Before long the attackers made the decision to withdraw and the Fortizar succesfully repaired itself. All fleets stood down and headed back to their respective homes.

Legion of Droenix Federation Please Ignore (been promised a cool name for a while, still waiting on it) didn’t lose anything noteworthy. Their final ISK bill was 18.5B.

PL and friends lost 101 Battleships including this 2B ISK Mach plus other assorted ships for a cost of 98B.


image credit: Razorien

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