Today in the early afternoon EUTZ, the system of F-QQ5N in Wicked Creek was the site of a massive battle, all over an iHub. It started out as your usual Interceptor Fleets playing cat and mouse with each other around the constellation, but it ended with Supers being dropped. Tikle/Dangerous Voltage were the ones trying to kill the Ihub and the defenders consisting of Fraternity, Triumvirate and friends had formed max numbers to try and defend it with their Capitals on standby.

To give a little context over the significance of this iHub, the whole constellation is permanently cyno jammed and FRT & co. Use it for Super ratting. As the bottleneck system to this constellation, if the Ihub goes down then so does the cyno jammer making all of the neighboring systems much easier to attack.

Phoenix Federation who stage within bridge range of this system formed an Abbadon Fleet with some assorted Capitals and jumped next door into 1L-OEK, taking the gate into F-QQ5N. They were greeted by a Tempest Fleet and an Ishtar Fleet supported by Carriers and HAW Dreads. The defenders, however, were heavily outgunned and had two choices. Either disengage or cycle down the jammer to bring in their own reinforcements. They chose the latter.

FRT, TRI & other assorted friends escalated, cynos went up and in came the Dread Bomb. This, however, was what the aggressors were waiting for. Cyno’s of their own went up and in came more Dreadnoughts, Carriers, Force Auxiliaries plus Supercarriers from Tickle, DV, Phoenix Federation and Test Alliance Please Ignore. With the now one-sided fight, Dreadnoughts began to die left right and center. With varying degrees of success, the defenders tried to burn their capitals out of all of the warp disruption fields that covered the grid with a few managing to escape.

Their Capital Fleet in tatters, FRT and friends conceded the field and limped home with what little survived. It’s worthy to note though that they managed to save the Ihub, so dare they say, Op Success?

Final butchers bill ended with a grand total of just under 470B ISK destroyed.

Fraternity and friends lost 110 Battleships, 78 Dreadnoughts, 10 Carriers & 7 Force Auxiliaries plus various other assorted ships for a total of 305B ISK.

Legacy Coalition lost 48 Battleships, 48 Dreadnoughts & 1 Carrier plus various other assorted ships for a total of 165B ISK.

Battle Report here.


This article will be updated with recordings & screenshots if/when they surface.

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