Recent footage was received by Eve News 24 of the massive battle that recently occurred in Navula between the Imperium and Pandemic Legion, Northern Coalition, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Pandemic Horde. The footage is seen from the view of the massive Pandemic Legion/Norther Coalition Titan Fleet that was dropped on top of the Imperium Capitals in coordination with PL allies. The Imperium lost over a half trillion ISK by the fight’s end and shortly thereafter announced they had ended their deployment in the north and returned to Delve.

In the summer of 2017 The Imperium promised a war of revenge against all who opposed them. With World War Bee still relevant in Eve’s memory The Imperium’s game plan was obvious. The Imperium, a massive coalition of 20,000+ pilots, would wage war against the lands they once inhabited in the northern regions of Eve. The fights featured in this video document merely a few ways Pandemic Legion waged war, when threatened. At the expense of The Imperium line members, no mercy was shown. From recent developments(easily visible in video) and increased pressure back home; The Imperium has since withdrawn from all fronts and returned home empty handed worse off than before. Pandemic Legion and its allies have effectively “held the line” and quelled the rebellion from its former inhabitants.

These days The Imperium has been less effective in imposing its will on the galaxy. All shall see what the future holds.

*Nalvula Avatar perspective thanks to Cythrex*

Communication recordings in order:

  • Goons dying by Goon Membership
  • Goons talking about dying by Goon Membership

Songs played in order:

  • Goons by GTA
  • Hard 808 Trap Beat Savage by TechnixBeatz
  • Instrumental Street Super Lourd 2 by Newstreetmelody Beats
  • Big Sean Bounce Back by BassMusicHD


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