In recent days most eyes in New Eden have turned from the Imperium versus the north to battles below the Providence line. With two Citadels, one lost and one saved at the last moment, fractured alliances and new lines drawn across the south has shown the real war may be a southern one this winter. Since Vanguard’s ejection of alliances early in the summer and shedding of blues, the fracture of the Legacy coalition, and multiple converging conflicts it appears that the entire south has destabilized into all out open warfare.

After redeploying back home to the south, following their Obe offensive, TEST Alliance stated a primary objective of initially keeping down a possible Stainwagon uprising, mentioning the takedown of a Keepstar in Stain as one of their goals in the return.However, this morning that objective was snatched from TEST’s jaws, despite fielding over 600 ships, the TEST offensive was met with stiff resistance as a large fleet of varied alliances including Northern Coalition, Darkness, and others warped in to save the Keepstar as it lurched towards structural collapse.

The final moments of potential threat to the Keepstar came and went, and TEST will be forced to attempt another series of assaults on the Citadel in 37S-KO if they wish to push back against the perceived Stain threat. The battle report can be found here


Meanwhile, in the southeast Vanguard Coalition, with a very strong Fraternity Alliance presence hit a Phoenix Federation citadel -“Rouge One” in NI-J0B, incurring heavy losses to Fidelis Constans and allies as part of a continuous front which has them allied with Circle of Two against DRF allies within the Southeast. Both CO2 and VG dedicated to an attempt to poison the dreaded “Blue Donut”. Despite numerous propaganda campaigns intended to reduce Vanguard’s status, Cpt. Patrick Archer and the VG once again meet another objective, as FCON scrambles once more to meet the onslaught of their space. That battle report shown here.

When the summer began, few could perhaps have predicted this change of events, as TEST faces a seemingly inevitable conflict with former Legacy member CO2 and the continuous success of the Triumvirate offensive.

Eve News 24 will continue to monitor the developments in the Southern conflicts as they unfold.






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