Brave Newbies Command Prepares Line Pilots for the Worst


In an internal statement issued earlier today Brave Alliance announced that, alongside their TEST allies, they have reset standings with Circle of Two. This would effectively isolate CO2 as they continue the Feythabolis Campaign alongside Triumvirate.

The statement from Brave Newbies also mentions the actions of pilot Chester Patterson, who just recently was uncovered as an agent of Pandemic Legion, and whose actions leading up to his discovery in no small part exacerbated the already delicate political situation between Brave and CO2.

Indeed, the Brave statement alludes frequently to Pandemic Legion interference in the South, and suggests that Circle of Two and PL have begun to cooperate – with a transferred Fortizar Class Citadel as proof of collusion. As the war in Feythabolis continues against FCON, the hint of Panfam influence could in fact pull in more of New Eden’s major powers even as Panfam continues its assault on Delve.

While, at present, it must be noted that war has not been declared Brave does make clear that resetting their former ally could lead to conflict. Earlier this week, TEST Alliance had reset their own standings to Co2 and on the horizon looms a Legacy civil war, fanned on all sides by parties interested in seeing the Coalition finally come apart. For the moment, however, Brave Newbies have called for their members to not engage in conflict in Impass, clearly echoing a Co2 call to not invade TEST space earlier this week. But as the Feythabolis Campaign continues, with Phoenix Federation calling for help from any available quarter, the peace on all fronts seems brittle, ready to ignite at the end of the long summer of conflicts across New Eden.

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