Quick call for redeployment in Swarm’s Honeypot

A post on reddit, of a leaked Pandemic Horde alliance message, shows that Horde pilots are scrambling for a quick move south into the Goonswarm-owned Delve region, arguably the strongest region of New Eden productivity as shown by past months economic reports by CCP. The message was short, terse and to the point: drop ship and head by pod to staging areas in Delve, where all ships to be picked up in the region.

This message followed yesterday’s Goonswarm attack of a Perimeter citadel under the protection of PanFam, in what many say was a statement of intent by Goons – that PanFam protection in high sec could in fact be broken by a throwback to classic Swarm tactics of T1 throwaway ships hurled at a target en masse. While at this point pure speculation and backed by statements in the leak as to PanFam objectives in Delve the upcoming blitz could be seen as counterpoint – that Goon productivity and industry could as well suffer in the Dirty War, and by using a similar small-ship, quick-replace tactic.

Goonswarm is also picking up stakes and relocating into Delve, with The Mittani claiming a mission success, and with TEST redeploying south has begun its own move, and so will be able to offer defense perhaps as the theater of war moves out of Concord patrolled space and back into the dark of null.

EN24 will have updates as the situation unfolds, as the quick memo states a blitz of four days potentially each week in the mining rich region. However, with Goons racing to meet them, the burning of Delve could become a much longer engagement.

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