This is what happens when the FC says yes to Drakes. One could even say they “eclipsed” the competition.

First, let’s talk about Saturday. skill urself sent Brave Collective home before succumbing to Northern Coalition.. HYDRA RELOADED had a long day, defeating The Tuskers Co., Pen Is Out, and finally Northern Coalition. In a best of 3 match. VYDRA RELOLDED had a comparatively easy schedule as they handed L A Z E R H A W K S their first loss and secured their own place in the finals.

On Sunday, HYDRA RELOADED had another busy day as they beat L A Z E R H A W K S before the break. They went on to face VYDRA RELOLDED in the finals. The finals were thrilling to watch as we witnessed DPS-fueled space violence, each team struggling for the championship and the prize: 25 dank ships worth trillions and the Alliance Tournament Cup, a unique in-game item which is passed to the winning team each year.

VYDRA RELOLDED took the first match handily. The commentators all agreed that they were likely to win the tournament with the exception of Jin’taan who predicted a HYDRA sweep. They got close, winning the second and third matches, but in the end VYDRA RELOLDED took it home with a surprising Drake comp. Congratulations to VYDRA RELOLDED and all the teams who fought in this year’s tournament.

Will we see Drake fleets in the coming weeks? Will FCs soften to this much-maligned missile boat? Will next year’s Alliance Tournament have a heavy Drake meta? Time will tell. Stay tuned to EveNews24 as we keep you up to date on New Eden happenings throughout the universe.

This has been Moon Moon Burdy reporting for EveNews24.

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