What a weekend, space friends!

We here at EveNews24 expected a thrilling explodefest of pew and we got it!

HYDRA RELOADED sent Pandemic Legion home to savor dank skins as they bested Exodus, moving forward to the top 8. Brave Collective triumphed over Test Alliance Please Ignore and A Band Apart to secure their place in the coming weekend.

Skill urself defeated THE R0NIN and The Initiative as well on Saturday. WE FORM V0LTA came out on the The Bright Side of Death, but met the dark side, shortly afterward, against our defending champions: The Tuskers Co.

The day ended with VYDRA RELOLDED winning two out of three rounds against Northern Coalition. while L A Z E R H A W K S took the win over Pen Is Out.

Saturday starts out with some exciting matches. Six teams will battle it out to get into the top 4 and secure some sweet ships, which L A Z E R H A W K S and VYDRA RELOLDED have already secured.

Starting at 1500 EvE time, we have:

Series 119: skill urself vs Brave Collective

Series 120: The Tuskers Co. vs HYDRA RELOADED

After the break we will see the winners of:

Series 119 winner vs Northern Coalition.

Series 120 winner vs Pen Is Out

Once the dust settles, the top 4 will have been decided and we move into the Semifinals which are best of three matches. They will alternate with L A Z E R H A W K S and VYDRA RELOLDED first and the winners of the previous two matches through the rest of the day.

Be sure to catch the action and expert commentary on CCP’s official twitch channel this weekend! I know I will.

This has been Moon Moon Burdy for EveNews24.

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