Over 100 Ships lost in under ten minutes in V0DF-2

“I knew they were going to die” – Cormack TheGreat

It took only one cycle of a Bosonic Field Generator “Doomsday” from Pandemic Legion pilot Cormack TheGreat to turn back a Swarm in V0DF-2.

Goonswarm and their allies, who are basing operations out of Hakonen, spied a lone Titan in V0DF-2 and scrambled a Hurricane fleet for what seemed to be a quick kill. For details we turned to Goonswarm Diplomat Dirk Stetille, who had this to say on the opening of the engagement

Our intentions are to burn the loot. (in and around the area) Jansen was deemed to be a target of opportunity, and he was saved by his friendlies… we deemed the target worth the risk, and it didn’t work out for us this time.

Cormack TheGreat, a well known alt of Pandemic Legion Fleet Commander Killah bee, was at the helm of a Vanquisher Titan, and had prepared himself for a surprise jump into system:

It was a pretty straight forward boson. I set up a stop bubble, and a cyno, when they landed in the bubble I cyno’ed in and bosoned.

What happened next was five full minutes of carnage, as the doomsday device ripped through the hulls of some hundred plus Battlecruisers and frigates, bringing a quick end to a limited engagement in V0DF, a small battle in a much larger campaign.

With a dread fleet on standby, Goonswarm and Allies showed strategic restraint in not escalating the situation further. According to Dirk:

Regardless of the entity, the typical process for escalating on a supercapital is to secure tackle with a sub-capital fleet before throwing capital assets into the fray. My understanding is that our Hurricanes were doomsday’d before we could confirm reliable tackle, and as such any capital assets were stood down rather than be wasted.

The remaining forces of the Imperium Fleet broke off the engagement, returning to Hakonen to possibly prepare for the onlining of a Fortizar in that system later that evening. However Killah had prepared for the worst:

I was prepared to get tackled and dreadbombed.

In the end, both Jansen and Cormack made it off grid taking minimal damage, leaving in their wake a long strew of wreckage as seen in this battle report.

On the use of supercapitals by Pandemic Legion and allies Dirk had this to say:

The fact that PanFam repeatedly feel they need to use supercapitals possibly speaks to their present willingness or organisational capability to engage us on a level playing field.

The war, by this time, had moved on, back to Hakonen for another Fortizar onlining, the second in under a week. The battle report for that fight can be found here.