– this is the invite link to my Discord server. We have yet another awesome show, talking about the AT, the war brewing up EVERYWHERE, and we get to share old stories about how things were when things were simply and we all just wanted murder! Today’s episode is a bit on the long side as we didn’t have a show last week. I hope you enjoy this episode of Manny Bothans is Primary!

Hosted By
Manny Bothans and Jay Maricadie

Travis MusgratNorthern Coalition FC/CEO of Burn Eden
Sapporo Jones – Executor of TEST Alliance
Vigilanta – CEO of Southern Comfort/TEST Alliance
Piotr Engels – Executor of Manifesto
Spectre – Manifesto
Tytalus Warden -XO(Executive Officer) of Digital Vendetta
Johann Landier – CEO of Diplomatic Incident/Darkness & Editor-In Chief of EN24
Urziel99Bastion/Muliplex Gaming
Forkrul Assail – Skymarshall Razor Alliance

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