The following statement was provided to Eve News 24 by Marrowbone (Hell’s Pirates’ <HADES> Alliance Executor) for immediate public release.

We have kept quiet after our “justified” (Triumvirate.’s words not ours) removal from Vanguard out of respect for our longtime friends in Vanguard and Triumvirate. However, now my name is being thrown around and my people are being insulted. I have also found every place I go to be extremely suspicious of my previous blind loyalty to Garst and Pat but I feel like it is probably about time I go ahead and say something.

Let me start, by saying I have nothing but the utmost respect for what Vanguard used to be. The fact however is that Vanguard is no longer that.
Garst was brilliant leader, the fleets were fun, and coalition communication and coordination was crystal clear. When Garst went AFK for a while and Patrick took over all that stopped. From that day, we stopped being “Vanguard Coalition” and instead became “Triumvirate.’s support network”. ¬†When Triumvirate. deployed, the people they left had no instructions, no objectives, and no support. Instead, they just got “see you in a few months.”

In HADES, we slowly saw something we helped build start to crumble and fall apart so we stepped in and did what we could to try to protect not only my alliance but our friends/allies. Little did we know, this was a waste of time and plans were already in progress that did not include Vanguard Coalition but was for Triumvirate and it’s advancement.

1) The reason for kicking HADES (mentioned in the recording released by Garst) are laughable. The fact is, HADES held your coalition together while you were gone. We led fleets, we opened communication, we defended your sov, and we showed up when our allies pinged for help. We worked as a team and coordinated the Wicked Creek attack with the remaining Vanguard members and outside groups to give people something to do while Patrick was up yoloing fleets at Darkness.

2) I was not burning out from leading HADES, I was stressed out, from over-extending myself, trying to clean up Patrick’s diplomatic messes and repairing damage every time he broke a diplomatic agreement. However, after Triumvirate.’s return, I quickly found out that a new narrative was forming. We (HADES) continued to provide solid fleet numbers in support of the coalition with both sub-capital and capital doctrines yet all we heard was we were not participating or performing.

3) Pat is a good FC but that does not mean he is a good alliance leader. Forcing new members to join by threat of invasion, and refusing to work with others whom you have agreements with, are fundamental flaws that impact the entire organization negatively. You can not build a house with threats and broken promises.

4) Despite this, we stayed loyal. We tried to help calm things down and worked to coordinate with our members and allies. We worked within the limitations and under the lack of guidance or leadership to make it all work. Despite this I contacted and despite over two years of loyal service we, with no warning, were told to get out . The claim of ‘lack of participation’ is laughable and I asked for 30 days to show Garst that Pat was not being truthful but we were denied that.

Also, how does any of Triumvirate. and Pat know what we were doing as they were not there….

5) I’m not saying we are perfect, fact far from it, but who is? What alliance doesn’t have internal drama from time to time? Did I allow groups with inactives to stay too long? Yes, I probably did, but that does not excuse the way we were treated by people we have been loyal to for nearly 3 yrs.

6) Being loyal is a key part of who I am and how I choose to play this game. Garst, and most of Vanguard as a whole, earned my respect and trust. Once I tell someone I, and HADES are with them, then it means we will be by their side until the end.

7) The Tri line members, as a whole, are an amazing group of people and I do not think that they are responsible for this in anyway, shape or form. I hope that this will open people’s eyes to problems that need to be dealt with. You are a strong, and good, group of players.

HADES is sad at having to leave our home and our friends in Vanguard. We do leave with our heads held high, knowing we did everything we could to support our former coalition mates. It is who HADES is and who we will always be. We did not ask for this, but we will take our core values to our new home in Phoenix Federation and will give them our all.

Executor, Hell’s Pirates

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