Recently, reports and rumors surfaced of TEST Alliance (TEST)¬†preparing for a major combat deployment. Initial reports indicating they may be deploying east towards Triumvirate now appears to have been a disinformation campaign to hide TEST’s true target. In recent hours multiple TEST Combat fleets consisting of carriers, dreadnaughts, and ‘Hurricane’ class Battle-Cruisers and other sub-capital doctrines have been sighted on the move departing their home region of Esoteria and deploying for combat operations. EN24 correspondents contacted TEST High Command without delay and we were informed that the intended target was Sort Dragon‘s “Guardians of the Galaxy Coalition”(GOTG) which currently holds space in multiple North-West regions of Nul-Security Space.

TEST Capital and Sub-Capital Fleets deploying to the North.

Some may recall that TEST has had a longstanding grudge with GOTG and its leader (Sort) that goes back to the collapse of the HBC in the Fountain War and more recently the Pandemic Legion/Northern Coalition eviction of TEST ally Circle-of-Two(C02) from their space during the ‘Tribute War’. TEST and Co2 expected Guardians of the Galaxy to stand with them against Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition and felt betrayed when GOTG instead sided with the attackers (PanFam/NC). After Tribute fell TEST Alliance then withdrew from the neighboring region of Vale of the Silent and went south with C02.

Dran Arcana (TEST Alliance Head Diplomat) was quoted as saying:

“Sort Dragon is the sort of guy that always seems to turn on his allies whenever it suits him. When TEST was looking for content, and maybe to set up a place to try some new things out, we could think of no better target.”

Whether grinding old axes or just a matter of TEST, well, you know… TESTing some things, this shapes up to be one of the most interesting things to happen this summer. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep our readers updated as events transpire.

This has been Moon Burdy reporting for EveNews24.

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