The last constellation owned by a Fountain Core aligned alliance, GaNg BaNg TeAm <UMAD>, was taken by Invidia Gloriae Comes <IGC> after a brief campign in which they were assisted by their allies The-Culture <-T C -> and IT’S ONLY PIXELS <PIXEL>.

Fountain Core, otherwise known as FCORE, is a long-standing, but small, coalition of primarily Bulgarian-speaking alliances which have lived in Fountain for nearly a decade throughout sovereignty changes, making use of the non-player controlled space within Fountain to stage out of when evicted. Due to a series of alliances failscading across Fountain Core, including FREE GATES COALITION <-FGC-> and System Wide Adaptive Roam Massacres <SWARM>, they have seen the loss of their space to various entities across the region.

The last remaining constellation, Mermaid, was controlled by UMAD, despite them being a shadow of their former glory. At the same time, former Vanguard Coalition alliance, IGC, sought new space alongside another former Vanguard member, PIXEL.

Co-CEO of the corporation Wormhole Inquisition and Fleet Commander of IGC, Rafyna, commented on the decision making process behind their move to Fountain as well as the sovereignty taking:

After we had to leave Detorid we were invited by our friends, PIXEL, to join them in Fountain. We relocated there and started looking for space we could call our own. UMAD was practically inactive in their own pocket. They, mostly, kept to NPC space and to sitting on their citadels above gates waiting for easy targets so we decided that the Mermaid pocket was to be ours.

We were met with, practically, no resistance. They did shoot down a few of our entosis ships in the end, but that was pretty much it when it came to their defence. To be honest, we didn’t expect much from them anyway. We did have one good fight toward the end in LJ-TZW but their saltyness was palpable in local after “gf” came from us & they remained silent. <insert caldari navy tissues here>

We will make Mermaid our home and see where it goes from there. Together, with PIXEL, we have a strong base of core players and I’m excited to see what will happen next in Fountain.

I’d like to take this opportunity and thank everyone in PIXEL for helping us these few weeks. Especially, their leadership has been a great support in both time and effort during the campaign.

Irenia Tsurpalen, Fleet Commander and Head Diplomat of PIXEL, directed much of the brief campaign:

FCORE was dead already. Their main activity was camping in NPC space. WISK [an FCORE alliance] is actively blopsing but also not caring for space. It was just a matter of time until someone would come and remove their [FCORE’s] flag to plant their own flag.

They seemed not to care. If they wanted to, it could’ve been much more fun because Fozzie sov in a small-scale environment works.

The loss of Mermaid is not a surprising event by any means but is representative of FCORE’s slow loss of effectiveness over the course of the past couple of years to the point where there is no longer a single constellation . However, they will, no doubt, continue to live and fight from NPC space as they have done in the past.

Fountain Diplomatic/Political Situation

Fountain is a unique region due to the fact that it is often ignored by larger groups seeking space after several notable alliances of old met their demise there, giving it a certain stigma. This has allowed various neutral and smaller entities to take root there. It is divided into 4 notable groups:

Fountain Core, as mentioned previously has lived in the region for many years. It is primarily made up of GaNg BaNg TeAm <UMAD> and We want your ISK <WISK>.

The-Culture <-T C-> and their blues. T-C is the dominant entity in Fountain and was founded by corporations from Black Legion. <MEN.> after it collapsed. They have gone on to ally with several different entities within the region which include Hedonistic Imperative <RELAX> and IT’S ONLY PIXELS <PIXEL>. Invidia Gloriae Comes <IGC> falls under T-C’s sphere of influence due to its close ties with PIXEL. T-C controls much of the region and even has a renter group.

The Heathens. Iron Armada <FLEEP> saw a lot of success against larger groups in the East of New Eden but has gone on to leave Wicked Creek and move to Fountain. In just over two months, they have taken an FCORE constellation and brought in their old ally from The Heathens coalition, Feign Disorder <FEIGN>, as well as a new group, a splinter from RELAX, called Wild.Hunt <W.H> to assist them in their endeavours.

Soviet-Union <CY-27> and their batphones. Soviet-Union took space from FCORE at about the same time as Iron Armada did. They have gone on to win a lot of fights against the other Fountain groups by batphoning other Russian-speaking alliances to assist them on stratops, such as Dream Fleet <DRF>, Red Alliance <RED> and Siberian Squads <SB-SQ>. Soviet-Union’s move to Fountain comes as a result of being driven out of Stain and its surrounding regions by Legacy Coalition.

Soviet-Union taking its place in Fountain also occured around the same time that LowSechnaya Sholupen <-LSH-> and its allies were evicted from the South of Fountain by T-C.  Both sets of Russian-speaking alliances have put a continued strain on T-C’s grasp of Fountain with their ability to form equivalent, or even greater, numbers in fleets for both sub-capital and capital ships.


Curt Adrano is the CEO of Waking Dreams in Manifesto., and an editor at EveNews24. Contact him at Curt#8110 on Discord.


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