Hello all,

I’m here to tell you about the best Eve meet in Ireland!

  • It’s on October 20-21 2017 in the Club Na Múinteoirí (“The Teachers Club” for you non native speakers).
  • It is a large venue with a decently sized room and our own private bar.
  • Tickets cost 20 euro and you will get an Eve Dublin t-shirt. Tickets can be bought here. The website includes info on Travel accommodation and a gallery that includes pictures from previous events.
  • Across the two days, there will be multiple activities including an Eve lore quiz, a poker tournament as well as a few player presentations and panels.
  • We will also have the danger game for anyone who’s interested, which is the game that was used to fund Eve’s development.
  • CCP have promised devs will be there and that they’ll bring Gunjack for us to play with.
  • There will be prizes, everything from faction ship packs, capitals and more for the bigger prizes.


All in all it will be a fun filled weekend with plenty of revelry and banter, one event that you just can’t miss. If you need more info or would just like to hang with more of your fellow Irish in New Eden come join our Discord.

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