Hey everyone,

Team Psycho Sisters here with a little post about what we have on Singularity ready for you to test before it all goes live in August.

There will be a devblog coming soon with more details. Ideally this would have been out before now, but summer vacations and everything have delayed it a little.


* When using the “Save Location” option on entries in the Probe Scanner window, the signature ID will now be added automatically to the front of the bookmark name.
* Scanned signatures will now be persisted for the duration of a client session. They will no longer be cleared on a session change for example docking/undocking, jumping wormholes etc


* There is a new Standings UI. Both tabs are currently active but we will disable the old one before releasing to TQ.

Beta Map:

* For some upcoming work we have had to dip into the Beta map code. More details to come once I format them and stick them up here.

We also have defect fixes coming.

If you encounter anything you believe is a bug please submit a bug report. If you are unsure how to submit a bug report, please follow this link and have a read https://community.eveonline.com/support/test-servers/bug-reporting/8

We really look forward to your feedback and comments.

Team Psycho Sisters

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