A Cynabal worth 3.7 billion ISK and flown by Cpt KorpuSkull of KOB4EG [KB4] out of Dream Fleet was destroyed this evening in Delve by a small ‘kitchen-sink’ gang. The gang was mostly comprised of members of Serious About Space Things. [SAST.], who were taking new member Liquid Lace on a birthday roam.

Cpt KorpuSkull’s Cynabal warped into the gang with the intention of fighting, a brave move if not one that ultimately paid off. The kitchen sink gang consisted of a Stiletto, Dramiel, Confessor, Hecate, and an Osprey Navy Issue. Before being overpowered, KorpuSkull was able to kill the Hecate, the SAST Cynabal, as well as the Osprey Navy.

EN24 reached out to Dramiel pilot Killa Kronik for comment:

We were just roaming through Period Basis then went to Delve to escape some people in Period Basis, we killed a Vexor Navy then had to dip back out of Delve to get away from their usual response fleet. Just as we were leaving, we dipped back in because Blitz was engaging the Cynabal and a Slasher. I think he thought he might have had backup coming.

Some random Sabres joined in the fight, as well as a Malediction, so we overheated and killed him, but him and his gang killed a Hecate, our Cynabal, and, after he died, our Osprey Navy went down. We didn’t know the Cynabal was that expensive until we were on our way out of the system. I checked corp kills and saw that it was expensive, so I went back for loot. The officer mod dropped, along with the A-Type Invulnerability Field, which was 50% damaged.

On our way out, there was gatecamp, and my Dramiel can’t warp through bubbles, so I had to crash gate, go back a system, make a safe, and give the loot to the interceptor pilot. We lost our Confessor to that camp. It was a pain in the ass but, eventually, we found a clear route out and made our way home. ez kill ez life.

EN24 has reached out to Cpt KorpuSkull for comment and will update this article if more information becomes available.

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