Just about everyone who has been playing Eve for a long time can recount funny stories of game bugs. One of mine occurred on Saturday 07/15/2017 at approximately 18:30 eve-time. Phoenix Federation was gearing up for a possible fight with Goonswarm who had several citadels onlining when the entire node encompassing Immensea went down. For about 20 minutes no-one could log-into any character in the region or use region gates. This led to a few minutes of consternation because it was feared that the citadels would come online without possible defense. Undoubtedly, this technical problem also caused the attackers some concern as well.

While all this was happening, there was one particularly well named corp The Dysfunctionals that was also getting ready to defend their space when they were all ejected from their Fortizar by the game. Adding to the confusion, the Fortizar disappeared from space, along with all assets & jump clones. CCP came into system and put the Fortizar back in place a little later and blamed the node.  Naturally this led to some funny memes being passed around, and these are some of my favorites:


Here’s a blast from the (thankfully) past:

If you like, post some of your favorite, most hated or most memorable in-game bugs from the past.


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