CCP today confirmed today that it will hold off on it’s proposed balance passes until after the upcoming Alliance Tournament in August, with the exception of next weeks incoming T3C changes. Developer CCP Fozzie released the following statement on the Eve Online forums.

Hey tournament folks! We’ve been getting some questions about what our plans are for balancing in the July and August releases that would overlap with the tournament. Sorry that I wasn’t able to confirm things earlier, as I had to wait for some vacations to line up to confirm this plan with all the relevant parties inside CCP.

We obviously have the huge rebalance of T3 cruisers coming next week in our July release. For all the details about those changes you can take a look at this forum thread.

I can confirm now that we are not currently planning any other major balance changes between now and the end of the tournament. A major disclaimer applies that we always reserve the right to deploy changes as needed for EVE’s overall health and that we never delay balance changes for the AT.

At this time we do not expect any major balance changes other than the T3 changes to land in the July and August release. This includes the earlier proposed changes to Rapid Launchers which is currently on hold and will not be deployed in July or August.

Thanks and good luck with your practices!

While some Capsuleers are hoping for a change in the meta of the game with the nerf of the oppressive rapid-light missile systems, this ‘official’ pause gives AT teams a chance to practice knowing the rug will not be pulled out from under them at the last minute or even during the tournament.

Other planned balance passes include buffs to both small and medium autocannons, heavy missiles, and a balance pass to EMC.

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