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Logistics in EVE Online is the art of ‘healing’ your fellow pilots, and is one of the easiest and most important roles for players to get into. In just a couple of days of training, a player can effectively negate two ships worth of cruiser damage against a fleet member, which helps the fights last longer, and allows your inferior DPS kill more things.

This guide will cover the following,

  • Getting Started
    • Basic Skills
    • Basic Ships
  • Progression
    • Advanced Skills
    • Advanced Ships
  • Watchlist & Broadcast Settings

With this knowledge, you’ll be ready to charge into battle, and shoot your fellow fleet members with beams of love. It’s important to note that logistics players are in high demandespecially in Krypted, and more importantly, good logistics pilots. Our corporation SRP policies highly encourage logistics pilots, and it is a great starting point if you’re unsure how to contribute.

Note: You should always fly what your FC or corporation/alliance/coalition tells you to. These are basic fits and skills that serve a lot of situations, but if you’re looking to specialize more, you need to fly what the rest of your logistics pilots are flying. My goal is not to tell you exactly what to do, but teach you how to find the things you need to.

Getting Started

There are two types of healing in EVE Online : Shield and Armor (and hull, but we’re usually not that drunk). The only difference you’ll ever need to know between these two are the following:

  • Shield remote repairing applies healing at the start of their cycle.
  • Armor remote repairing applies healing at the end of their cycle.

Congratulations, you’re now smarter than a large portion of EVE Online logistics pilots. Now, let’s dump the stuff I know you want to see.

Before you dump all this in your skill queue, you need to understand that your capacitor will always be the problem. Not all fits are created equal, and understanding your capacitor as much as your significant other will ensure that you’re not left in the dust, cold and alone. Plug your ship and skills into pyfa, and check what you need to do to ensure that your repairers keep running.

Improving as a Space Priest

Naturally, people who like this role will want to get new, shiny toys. You’re in luck, as logistics cruisers and Force Auxilary Carriers will keep your skill queue full for months.

Skill Improvements

Improving your skills as a logistics pilot isn’t exactly binary, you’ll need to focus on your weaker skills and work on fixing up your shortcomings.

Look at improving the following,

  • Skills that help you improve your capacitor. (Engineering, Navigation, Racial Cruisers)
  • Skills that help you survive better. (Navigation, Shield, Armor)
  • Skills that directly affect your modules. (Logistics Cruisers, Racial Cruisers, Capacitor/Shield/Armor Transmission)

The most important thing is improving your spaceship command skills, as the bonuses that come from racial ship skills are extremely effective.

Logistics Cruisers

These are the Tech II variants of the cruisers you were flying earlier, and offer significant improvements. Honestly, I won’t tell you how to fly these, your corporation or alliance should have fits in place already.

  • Scimitar
  • Basilisk
  • Guardian
  • Oneiros

Ask your community for a fit, because you’ll definitely want to get SRP’d for it.

Force Auxiliary Carriers

These are massive pope hats, which allow you to heal at maximum capacity. These ships are a ton of fun, and can tank an ungodly amount of DPS. Everybody should whelp one of these.

  • Minokawa
  • Apostle
  • Lif
  • Ninazu

Same with logistics cruisers, I’m not going to tell you how to fit your capital. If your group doesn’t have fits or training for these, come fly with us and we’ll treat you right, like the good little space priest you are.

Setting up your UI

Getting the correct settings and understanding your UI will be extremely important for whenever you’re in a large TiDi fest. You’ll need to have your broadcasts color coated, and have your FCs watchlisted.

Broadcast Settings

Getting to these are simple, head over to your fleet window.

After that, you’ll see boxes for Broadcast Shield and Broadcast Armor. Set them to colors that make sense to you, and your broadcasts will now be that color.


Think of the watchlist as a cache. It’s a limited resource that allows you to save your silly teammates fast. To add people to your watchlist, just right-click their name and there will be an option under fleet

Put these guys on there,

  • Your FC
  • Your Anchor(s)
  • Your tackle pilots
  • Your logistic bros

And you’re done!


What are you still doing here? Go get in fleet, nerd!

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