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Hello Pilots

Below is the list of teams and their chosen flagships for Alliance Tournament XV. Teams not listed here failed to submit a flagship by the due date.

As we have seen in the past, the Bhaalgorn class battleship is a heavy favorite due to its heavy tank, bonus to Energy Neutralizers, and ability to project crippling damage at extreme ranges. Last year, the Bhaalgorn was able to take advantage of a point reduction as it was in the line of Blood Raider ships, but despite the Serpentis faction being the focus of this years event, most teams are sticking with what they know works. The tradition of using this ship goes back many years, with many of these teams using it again despite losses in the past.

    • Flagship404 Alliance Not Found-Bhaalgorn
    • A Band Apart.-Armageddon
    • Band of Backstabbers-Bhaalgorn
    • Blades of Grass-Bhaalgorn
    • Bright Side of Death-Armageddon
    • CAStabouts-Vindicator
    • Dream Fleet-Scorpion Navy Issue
    • End of Life-Armageddon
    • Exodus.-Bhaalgorn
    • Fidelas Constans-Bhaalgorn
    • Fraternity.-Bhaalgorn
    • Ghost Legion.-Bhaalgorn
    • Goonswarm Federation-Bhaalgorn
    • Hard Knocks Citizens-Bhaalgorn
    • Hole Control-Rattlesnake
    • HYDRA RELOADED-Bhaalgorn
    • Intrepid Crossing-Bhaalgorn
    • IT’S ONLY PIXELS-Vindicator
    • L A Z E R H A W K S-Bhaalgorn
    • Mercenary Coalition-Bhaalgorn
    • No Handlebars.-Bhaalgorn
    • Northern Coalition.-Bhaalgorn
    • Of Sound Mind-Bhaalgorn
    • Out of Sight.-Bhaalgorn
    • Paisti Syndicate-Armageddon
    • Pandemic Legion-Bhaalgorn
    • Pen Is Out-Bhaalgorn
    • Phoebe Freeport Republic-Bhaalgorn
    • Project.Mayhem.-Bhaalgorn
    • Red Alliance-Armageddon
    • SAMURAI SOUL’d OUT-Scorpion Navy Issue
    • Shadow Cartel-Bhaalgorn
    • skill urself-Bhaalgorn
    • Snuffed Out-Bhaalgorn
    • Solyaris Chtonium-Armageddon
    • Spectre Fleet Alliance-Armageddon
    • Templis CALSF-Bhaalgorn
    • Test Alliance Please Ignore-Bhaalgorn
    • The Bastard Cartel-Bhaalgorn
    • The Clown Car-Bhaalgorn
    • The Initiative.-Bhaalgorn
    • THE R0NIN-Bhaalgorn
    • The Tuskers Co.-Bhaalgorn
    • The-Culture-Bhaalgorn
    • Thermodynamics-Armageddon
    • Villore Accords-Bhaalgorn
    • VYDRA RELOLDED-Bhaalgorn
    • WAFFLES.-Bhaalgorn
    • WE FORM V0LTA-Bhaalgorn
    • We want your ISK-Bhaalgorn

The Bhaalgorn’s non-faction counterpart the Armageddon is also a heavy favorite. The Armageddon does not have the ranged damage output that the Bhaalgorn has, but does have a range and falloff bonus to it’s Energy Neutralizers as well as good bonus’ for Drones. The Armageddon is also faster, so look for them to be gunning for enemy flagships.

The Scorpion Navy Issue, Rattlesnake, and Vindicator class Battleships are the off meta choices in this years event. Teams IT’S ONLY PIXELS and CAStabouts are choosing to take advantage of the Serpentis point reduction with the Vindicator, locking in the intended meta CCP was after in crafting this years event. The Scorpion is going to likely be the hard counter to that with a kiting shield doctrine, but will be particularly vulnerable to the ‘neuting’ power of the geddons and bhaals. Team Hole Control is using the only Rattlesnake this year, which is surprising as the new Alliance Tournament rules allow for tech 2 drones. A Rattlesnake with officer mods stands a great chance of holding out against a ‘neuting’ battleship, and there stand a good chance that their strategy will pay off.
Do the choices of flagship in this years event excite you about the Alliance Tournament? What would you do differently? Let us know in the comments. Check back to EN24 for more updates on the AT as they happen.

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