We received this video which is a podcast of current CSM members discussing what the current CSM is up to.

Apothne – Pandemic Legion
Jin’Taan – CVA
Aryth – Goonswarm Federation
The Judge – Circle of Two

Meeting Notes from ‘Nullsec Content Creators Focus Group’ 


These are a reprint of the notes from the link above from the focus group.

Nullsec Content Creator Focus Group Minutes – 17/08/16

Jump Fatigue

  • Feels as though it is overtuned in that blue fatigue still builds fast if you’re using any jump capable ship regularly
  • Overall consensus is that it is begrudgingly accepted, but a small pass on the numbers would be appreciated.

Jump Ranges – (Addressed by CCP)

  • Makes certain regions/space difficult to contest or live in without holding other vast areas of space, or being blue to people in a logistics chain. (Stain/Paragon Soul/Omist)
  • Creates choke points both good and bad.
    • Bad chokepoints prevent capitals left behind due to RL from catching up to where their friends are.
    • Good chokepoints allow for strategic manoeuvres to prevent improperly prepared escalation by holding gates.

Aegis Sov

  • ADMs do not reward systems trafficked for travel.
  • Nodes are rarely fought over directly, with combat being shaped by movement paths between systems (gates).
  • Vastly reduced need of members to take undefended Sov is good.
  • No transfer system for Sov.


  • Entosis is widely considered to be the root cause of the problems with Aegis Sov.
  • It is felt that it dissuades commitment.
  • Degenerate methods of use (Toasting Recons/Frigates).
  • Places a pressure on strategic mobility for fleets.
  • The Entosis mechanic does not feel rewarding to use, and removes the feeling of individual contribution to the process when in a fleet.
  • Time Commitment;
    • Takes more time to take a system with even 2-3 defenders than in Dominion, as defenders can simply run around and pressure defensive nodes without the need to commit fleet/ships to an engagement.
    • There is no way to defend Entosis ships against assymetric warfare such as Petes/’Nados/Claws.
  • TZ Locking is a problem

Availability of Content

  • People feel as though the big fleet fights that they came to Nullsec for are no longer incentivised, as downshipping is encouraged and there are no singular flash points for engagements.
  • The mechanics work against the single-point concentration of power needed to spark these big battles. Memorable fights now cluster around Top-Down income in Moons.
  • People feel there is no incentive to raid people’s space, or for the local owners to actively defend themselves as opposed to hiding.
  • “Best way to defend is not the same as bringing a fleet to fight.”


  • Vulnerabillity timers are too short to initiate conflict – Need to be made vulnerable to RF in multiple TZ’s
  • Citadel E-War is incredibly strong, crippling to non-brawling fleets
  • Bombs could do with a balance pass. As they invaldiate many doctrines.

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