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Ignorance Could Have Been Bliss

NCdot and PL leadership were blissfully unaware of a Provi Keepstar being anchored with just over two hours before its safety would have been secured, but Test only a short time before a CTA tells all its members they were forming to defend the Provi Keepstar from PL. So quickly intel channels spring to life and we send half a dozen scouts to find the Keepstar to confirm. We managed get visual of it at 18:30 Eve time with only two hours to plan for a full scale attack. NCdot wormhole teams immediately went to work finding routes for as many allies as could make it in such short notice. Routes were found for and shared with TRI, MC, Horde and GOTG.

All our allies gathered quickly to plan out how we would go into the fight and escalate properly so deep into providence homeland. Once a scout confirmed that no cyno jammer was in system we discussed capital assets and quietly began telling members to move dread alts to our nearby stashes. We got word shortly after Test let the cat out of the bag that Goons, Co2 and Brave would be coming in full force to support Provi

Knew I Forgot Something

Time quickly ticks by and at this point it is 30 minutes before the mega structure was to anchor and someone must have realized the fuck up and began anchoring a cyno jammer in system. The time to anchor and online is roughly 40 minutes which allows plenty of time to enter jammer grid and destroy it. Due to NCdot and MC having to come in through gates (eww) due to short Titan bridge ranges, PL, TRI, Waffles and Horde went directly into system in order to incap the cyno jammer. This left the gate clear for NCdot and MC to enter unmolested.

At this point the sides looked as follows:

()-Proviblock had a full Abaddon fleet, an impressive amount of Griffins in another fleet, and a 50 or so carriers and fax on stand by

()-Test had a full maelstrom fleet and many bombers

()-Co2 had a nearly full T3 ahac fleet and we scouted them moving a large amount of dreads

()-Goons, due to short notice we assumed, brought some bombers and about 200 Arty Claws

()-Brave had a 60 man Hurricane fleet


()-NCdot and MC merged fleets to make a full fleet of T3 Ahacs, with bomber support; NC also had 46 dreads

()-PL and Waffles merged into a large T3 Ahac fleet, also with 50 Dreads.

()-TRI were in a Mach fleet and fielded 24 Dreads

()-Horde brought an impressive amount of bombers and small tackle

()-Rekking Crew fielded over a dozen dreads and carriers

()-GOTG brought down a T3 Ahac fleet.

()-Lumpy came in a 20 man Harpy fleet (they did god’s work killing Griffins)

()-GL fielded Slippery Petes

Chasing Butterflies

Once the jammer was demolished the fleets moved onto the Keepstar grid. Provi battleships were tethered to the Keepstar which had begun its repair cycle now that it was fully anchored. Test Maelstroms went to a ping and PL chased them and held them down this lead to every subcap fleet (except Co2 who hadn’t arrived yet) moving to the ping and engaging in close combat.  We rapidly realized our mistake of leaving no dps on the Keepstar to pause the timer. The decision was made that PL would light a throw away cyno and bring in two dreads to pause the stations repair timer. The brawl continued with NCdot focusing on the Provi Abaddons who were  supported by 2 FAX while PL was focusing on the Test Maelstrom fleet. At the beginning of the confrontation the Provi Griffins did an efficient job at shutting off a large amount of the NCdot logistics wing. That was until Lumpy arrived on the wings of Harpys and began a personal jam session of slaughter against the griffins. The brick tanked Abaddons were not dying as fast as we would have liked due to the 2 fax supporting them. I’m not sure if either NCdot or Provi suffered too many losses at this point of the subcap fight. PL’s and Tests fleets were trading blows but unfortunately Test were losing the engagement at a faster pace.

The Heroes We Made Volunteer

The two PL hero dreads came in and shut down the timer, as maybe 10 tidi minutes later Provi brought in their capital fleet or carriers and faxes about 20km off our two warriors. The conclusion was made that we should counter drop fast, but afraid of Co2 coming in at range once their Dreads arrived in range, the FC’s decided to bring in only the NCdot and PL dreads first while leaving the TRI dreads as backup. Capital cynos were lit and 90 allied dreads came in on top of the Prov capitals hungry for blood.

Come Together, Right Now

It is at this point, Co2 T3 ahacs entered the system and decided quickly to engage the unsupported capitals fighting on the Keepstar. More cynos go up and here come 46 dreads from Co2 right on top of the current capital brawl. TRI sees the drop and counters with their 24 dreads adding to the massive amount of capitals already engaged. The subcap fight is continuing at the ping between all the fleets aside from Co2 which it seems is engaging the PL dreads. Our FC’s realize we need to move down and support our capitals before we become pinned down. By the luck of BoB Horde lines up an amazing bomb run and deletes a large amount of Abaddons and put the rest in structure; we use this chance to move the fight down to the capitals.

Adapt Fast, Win The Day

Once Co2 dreads were dropped all capital focus was turned towards them knowing they were the biggest danger and the easiest to kill while in siege. As NCdot, PL and Waffles dreads were all in the same fleet but on different coms sharing primaries wasn’t the easiest task but it worked out well. Dreads on both sides began dropping steadily.

You Want Me To Shoot What

With the enormous subcap brawl now on top of the capitals the focus kept changing between killing Abaddons in structure, killing fighters and killing dreads with subcaps, all the while tanking the enemy subcaps. With a handful of NCdot and PL carriers using space superiority fighters we were able to defang a large amount of Provi carriers focused on killing dreads.

Good Fights In Local

The fight is now beginning to shift heavily to our side as Co2 dreads are disappearing fairly quickly. Provi was trickling in more dreads one after another warping in from a gate or station. Once we were down to the last few dreads we notice that the bubbled provi carriers decided not to wait their turn, they began de-aggressing and docking in the paused Keepstar, after which they would undock in the clear on the other side. After maybe a dozen carriers escaped we were able to lock down the undock and kill what was left.

Was Mainly About Salvage

The grid belonged to us now and we began the grind to kill the last 70% structure of the keepstar. PL brought in a few Rorquals to clean up the field of several billions in capital modules and salvage. Waffles at some point brought in 2 titans but I’m not sure how early or late in the fight they arrived but it wasn’t with the initial drop. Goons came in with 200 Claws, but aside from catching GL’s not so Slippery Petes they didn’t do much to sway the fight.


Video by Deadly Badger-

Killmail –

On our side if was a huge team effort but as far as FC’s the following were involved:

  • Vince Draken herded kittens for the planning
  • Kelmac / Jarack FC for NCdot Subcaps
  • White Aero FC NCdot dreads
  • Headliner FC PL subs
  • Avery Lewis FC PL / Waffles Dreads
  • Apologies but I do not know who was running the other fleets

Special thanks go to:

  • Kelmac, White Aero, Headliner, and Avery  for running our fleets.
  • All our beautiful brothers who came at a moment’s notice with all they could.
  • Proviblock for always bringing a fight and not disappointing
  • Co2 for having the biggest set of balls i know when it comes to escalating
  • Test and Brave for brawling it out til the end (we kinda love you guys)

Sorry for the Rekking Crew caps we killed  … overview bugs are nasty.

Provi…. just don’t tell Test next time 🙂

If I missed something or something is wrong I am sorry I was quad boxing, while on 3 coms and relaying between them and several fleets.


Burning Napalm

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