New Eden’s latest NPC event, Rogue Swarm Alert, has been ongoing in New Eden over the last few days, with Capsuleers taking advantage of the new beacons in space to create content and collect dank loot. As always, creating these conflict points in random areas has driven pilots to battle over the drops in every area of space, from hisec to wormholes, and the unique loot has made for some very interesting killmails. In a statement on Reddit, /u/Squizz, creator and caretaker of zkillboard had this to say.

“Since I know I’ll get a bunch of requests to fix the prices on zkill soon, I’ve already gotten at least one, these numbers are reflected by CCP’s market API. When that updates, the prices on zkillboard will update too. I’ll probably stay hands off on this one, sorry.”

Squizz UPDATE 6/17/17:

After watching the CCP’s market API on skins for the last couple of days I’ve determined that it won’t settle enough to remove the gigantic isk inflation in killmails. Therefore, all skins are now worth 0.01 each. This is my typical reaction to items being silly inflated on killmails.

Right now zkillboard is in the process of recalculating killmails over the last 200k kills, this might be overkill but I’m short on time today. zkill may be a bit buggy for a few hours while it gets through this and lots of statistics gets recalculated.

Aside from SKINS, the event sites are dropping ‘Rogue Swarm Accelerators’, special boosters(for slot 10) that increases all of a pilots attributes by 10 for about 24 hours. These consumables have been selling on the open market for 30 – 50 million ISK on average, and are good through the end of the month. Like all other slot 10 boosters, they stay in your head after a podding. Here are a few tips to help you get the most of your extra training time, and some math about whether it’s worth it to buy these boosters, or treat yourself to an injector.

For every level of Biology you train, you increase the duration of your booster by 20%, up to 48 hours with level 5 trained. CCP does events like this with some flavor of accelerators at least a couple times a year, so having the skill will benefit your character in the future. With a booster in your head, its only a bit over 3 days train to level 4, and worth the trouble. If you are lacking biology skill and dead against training them, you can invest in a Eifyr and Co. ‘Alchemist’ Biology BY-805 (15 million) or 810 (150 million) which will provide an extra 5% and 10% respectively. Intrepid pilots can combine allĀ  advantages into a possible booster duration of 53 hours. With biology trained at 3, you will need 11 accelerators over the course of this 17 day event, at level 5 that drops to 9 accelerators.

You can also increase the amount of skillpoint tics you get by investing in a training clone. In the opinion of this writer if you are not using a training clone in the age of citadels then you are missing out on one of the basic lifehacks of the average Capsuleer. With most of us living out of citadels now, and the ability to transfer your consciousness between clones with no time restrictions(in a citadel only), there is no good reason not to. Training implants are purchasable not only through ISK, but with LP from almost any NPC faction or company in New Eden making them easy to come by for any player without hardship. Training implants work alongside rogue swarm boosters, stacking across all your attributes and adding to the bonus.

If you have a long term idea of what you are going to be training, you can use the remap option to juggle your skill points. Every skill set has two main modifiers that speed your training significantly, and depending on the type of pilot you are, some attributes will not get much use. It’s worth it to look ahead at you plan to see if you have already locked in your main modifiers without realizing it. Evemon has always been the classic third party tool for remapping, but I am quite liking Eve Skillplan as a newer and sleeker option with some extra helpful options. Remapping along with some +5 training implants recently helped me take a 45 day train down to under 30 days, over time they will compound into a significant amount of gain. You only get one remap a year, but his can be enough if you are willing to make some long term decisions.

If you ever plan to buy an injector in the future, these are incredibly more cost effective. Reddit user /u/AmarrVektor posted the following spreadsheet on where rogue accelerators break even according to your skillpoints as opposed to skill injectors. Along the top you see the amount of SP gained per accelerator against the biology level trained. As you train longer with a higher biology skill each accelerator is worth more SP the higher it is trained.

As you can see, even for the character with less than 5 million skillpoints and no biology skills, it is still more cost effective to buy an accelerator for the going rate of 30 million isk than it is to buy a skill injector of any size. For the longtime player with over 80 million skillpoints, you would need to pay over 200 million per accelerator before injectors started being a better option!

So the bottom line, and credit to reddit user /u/NanDe_YaNen for this math. With biology trained to 5, you stand to gain up to 43200 skillpoints per accelerator, this is a great bonus for a pilot of any skill level. In a best case scenario that’s only 463 ISK per skillpoint. In the worst case, it’s 925 ISK per skillpoint. If you were to go with skill injectors, you are looking at 1480 ISK per skillpoint in the best case, but if you are a high skilled pilot that number jumps to a whopping 4933 ISK per skillpoint. Take your drugs folks, and get that long train knocked down to a reasonable amount of time.


There are reports of accelerators not working properly for many pilots, and tickets have flooded in fast enough to promote the following response from CCP Claymore:

“As far as I can see they are working correctly, however there is maybe some confusion about what change you will see. You will only see a change on skills that are within the 48 hour period of the accelerator. So if your top skill is initially 6 days, only this skill will show the reduction. However if you have 14 skills in the queue and the first 13 fit in the 48 hour window, you should see these 13 skills with a reduced training time, and the 14th will remain unchanged. I hope this makes sense and clears some potential confusion, I am still investigating in the chance if there is something else going wrong.”

This is different than what we have seen in the past as other accelerators showed a reduction to your full training queue similar to if you switched into a training pod. In this event the accelerators only apply to the currently training skill in your queue, until something else fills it’s place. Even taking this into account pilots are still reporting widespread bugs associated with the accelerators, though some are reporting pausing and un-pausing the skill queue, re-logging, or switching training briefly to another character shakes the booster into effect. EN24 would like to reaffirm that these are only rumors at this time, but vigilant pilots will keep an eye on their queues during this event for any fishy business.

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