CCP Falcon released a statement on actions that will be taken against abusers of the ‘Ghost Training’ Exploit. His statement was posted on Reddit earlier today. This follows CCP declaring ‘Ghost Training’ an exploit which they announced earlier today:

Hey guys,

I’ve posted this elsewhere, but wanted to clarify here too:

I’ve just been speaking with our customer support team, and they’ve confirmed that as part of the reprimands issued against those who’ve been abusing Ghost Training, the CONCORD ships that were issued, or the ISK that abusers of Ghost Training have received from the sales of them, will be confiscated as part of any reprimands that are issued.

We recognize the fact that you guys are concerned about this, and wholly accept that this is on us. The intention is not at all to reward anyone for abuse of Ghost Training, and as such we’ll make sure that any reprimands that are issued include removal of this stuff.

Apologies for getting you guys all riled up. It’s been a tough week, but we’ll make sure that justice is served.

In addition to this, a couple of our amazing customer support guys are going to come in and clarify your concerns with a few answers over what to expect in terms of how we’ll be investigating this.

Hope this helps assuage at least some of the concern.

                                                                                                                                                            -CCP Falcon

Further more CCP has made it clear that the punishment for those abusing the ‘Ghost Training’ exploit can be retroactive and enforcement action can be taken for abuse prior to CCP’s announcement yesterday.

You’re right, the wording is a bit vague/misleading. To clarify: We are going after past abusers.

While all exploit abuse is bad, we consider any abuse of a publicly declared exploit to be even worse. That’s the distinction we were trying to make in the notification. It doesn’t mean that we’re going to let abuse predating the announcement slide. I apologize for the confusion.

I want to take the opportunity to urge anyone who intentionally abused this issue to come forward by submitting a support ticket.

I also want to make it clear that our objective is to go after those who intentionally abused this exploit.

You have nothing to worry about if you just happened to benefit from this exploit on accident because your account lapsed for a few days. There is a pretty clear distinction between this and a skillpoint farm that’s been set up to benefit from this issue.

                                                                                                                                      -GM Lelouch

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