The following piece is a battle account written by the Phoenix Federation Network side.

13.06.2017 . 5H-SM2, Wicked Creek, FCON Fortizar “Finally”

18:00 EVE Time: It’s quiet and calm in 5H-SM2 while the Phoenix Federation citadel, “Finally”, is reaching its vulnerability timer. Members of the Imperium had hit the citadel a day before and reinforced it for customary “gud fites”.

In response, Phoenix Federation gathered its troops and called upon Legacy Coalition to assist in the defense of the citadel. This was to be a huge brawl or nothing at all.

The Imperium fielded Maelstroms, supported by a bomber wing and The Initiative.’s Snatch fleet. Attackers were engaged by Phoenix Federation’s Tempests and Legacy Coalition’s Omen Navy Issue fleet. This soon escalated to a grand brawl which did not go unnoticed by nearby entities. Vanguard Coalition came on grid by jumping into the heart of the brawl with their Machariel fleet followed by Pandemic Legion making an appearance in Feroxes and Northern Coalition tagging along with Eagles to get their slices of the cake.

After the battle had raged a while, Vanguard escalated the fight by jumping in a titan to help kill the Imperium Maelstrom fleet. Seeing a chance for a titan kill, Imperium dropped their dread bomb and began hammering away. Consequently, Vanguard jumped in supers accompanied by force auxiliaries and dreadnoughts, followed by Phoenix Federation dreadnoughts to match the escalation. With the Imperium sub-cap fleet almost erased from the field, defending fleets focused fire on attacking dreads. This resulted in a complete annihilation of Imperium’s dread bomb by the defending forces.

Due to confusion in the fog of war, Vanguard ships were aggressed by Phoenix Federation forces, resulting in retaliatory fire against the Phoenix Federation capital fleet. At this point Phoenix Federation recalled its fleet to the Fortizar to clear the incident with Vanguard and get a better picture of the situation.
The brawl lasted for 2 hours and 15 minutes. In the end, the fight was a massive loss for Imperium with both their sub-cap and capital fleets being almost completely destroyed. Total estimated worth of Imperium losses were 211B ISK compared to notably smaller losses of Phoenix Federation and Legacy Coalition at 63B ISK and Vanguard at 33B ISK. There were also losses of a combined 737M ISK from Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition.

The Phoenix Federation objective to save the citadel was achieved.

Battle report and recording from PF perspective about the brawl linked below.

[ Fixed Battle Summary ]

– Phoenix Federation Propaganda Department

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