CCP last week teased the release of a new series of skins, Firewall Breach, into the New Eden store, along with the following description:

For the Matari, July 10 is a day of celebration that marks the end of the rebellion against the Amarr Empire, the severing of the shackles that held trillions of Minmatar in bondage for countless generations, and the founding of the Minmatar Republic.

To celebrate Liberation Day in YC119, capsuleers can enjoy the new “Firewall Breach” SKIN, which will be available for some of the most popular Minmatar hulls to mark the occasion.

Check them out in the New Eden Store to celebrate in style!

July 10 marks the day in 2016 when CCP awarded the Matari their first warzone Medal, Stripes of Fury:

“How many times must they try to place our people in chains before they will learn? We do not falter. We do not run. We always rise up and take back what is ours and scream the war cry of freedom! For their foolish oppression of our people, the Tribal Liberation Force has brought them to their knees! On behalf of the seven tribes and the Minmatar Republic, I hereby award you the Stripes of Fury.” – Maleatu Shakor

With the Minmatar retaking and holding complete warzone control again, almost exactly a year later, it is particularly appropriate that CCP recognizes these pilots and their efforts. Factional Warfare is an often overlooked part of the game, as battles are more about hearts and minds than isk wars. Losses and victories can have real and immediate consequences, leading to some of the most polarizing interactions in the game. Tensions run high out of the game as well, and many Capsuleers may not even know of the Minmatar victory condition as forums associated with said victories or losses are often a bastion of salt and anger on both sides.

Longtime Minmatar FC and CEO of Minmatar Brotherhood [-MB-] Polska Kielbasa reached out to EN24 with the following statement:

“It is with great pride, we the Minmatar race and people are able to state categorically, statistically, and factually that the Minmatar militia has not only claimed the entire war zone, but have held it longer than any other faction at any time in the entire history of Eve online.  Proving once again that the Minmatar people are superior to all others in Eve”

It goes without saying that the Amarr will not stay lying down, and will soon rise to challenge the tier 5 standings of the Minmatar in the warzone. For now the Minmatar gather their loyalty points and prepare for the next flip.

It is the opinion of this writer that CCP’s signifying this kind of victory is exactly a step in the right direction for them. In a neverending game, even solid victories are fleeting, and perspective is more important than anything. Who ever heard about actually winning this game? If you are in factional warfare, and you won your warzone through all that blood and grind, you absolutely have something to be proud of. The rest of Eve might cast aside your victory for any one of a million reasons, but you know what you had to go through to get there. Validation by our CCP gods is warranted, you guys deserve it, and anyone who doesn’t give you a GF is just mad.

Hey, am I full of it? Let me know in the comments! But let’s keep it classy and type those salty posts in all caps!

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