Hello, my name is Seraph IX Basarab and I’m an opinion piece writer and analyst of Eve politics and war here at EN24. The thoughts and opinions written here are mine and not meant to represent anyone else’s.

I wanted to address the screeching mob smacking their ham fists against their keyboards and somehow managing to luck out in formulating something that could be considered language. In case you haven’t been on the Eve reddit subforum, everyone’s really mad for *reasons.* It started off due to CCP trying to fix the glitch ghost training which caused a bunch of people’s training queues to stop. Did people calm down realizing CCP would most likely reimburse the SP like they’ve done just about every time something like this has happened before? Hell no. That’d be the reasonable and mature thing to do.  Instead people leveraged the idiotic “the customer is always right” mantra to justify their self-righteous indignation and thoughtless mob’n’pitchfork mentality. This expanded into complaints about Rorqual mining nerfs and the fighter nerfs affecting carriers and super-carriers culminating in the most concentrated outburst of tears since 2011’s “summer of rage.”

Stats show there’s too much money in play within Eve. This devalues currency and essentially makes your ratting less profitable. Currency’s value is not an absolute but rather relative to how much money exists. If CCP makes it so there is less currency in play, it makes your existing ISK more valuable. Some have argued that while the fighter nerf limits carrier ratting, it doesn’t deal with super ratting. This may be true, but you also must note the other changes CCP is going to implement. By having the rats target fighters more often, this in effect is an across the board general nerf for fighters. If the changes don’t address the ISK faucet issue enough, CCP can always further modify this in minor patches as they’ve done with the Rorqual. Shaking your fist at CCP about this doesn’t prove anything other than you probably didn’t pass economics in high school. Rorq/mining changes are exactly the same. Too many minerals on the market devalues its worth.

The few people that manage to stop foaming at the mouth long enough to catch that next claim that “well carriers/supers got their DPS nerfed hurting their pvp viability because of pve problems!” So what? What is the “right amount” of DPS a carrier/super should have? How did you get to that number? Stop acting like there’s some objective and specific standard. People are using what feels right emotionally rather than facts. “My super FEELS like it should do X amount of DPS…not Y.” This isn’t fact based reasoning. Unless you can back up your assertion here you don’t have an argument. You’re just crying because your toy got nerfed.

If I’m a white knight for CCP so be it. I’d rather bring some cold clarity to the discussion rather than revel in emotionally-charged and intelligence-deficient sanctimonious outrage like a mob of petulant children. Suddenly everyone’s an expert on how to run a company and how to design a game. And you have all these quasi “space famous” people trying to run to the front of this feces flinging chimp riot yelling “I-told-you-so’s” at CCP about whatever stupid suggestion they had months ago. Man what a brave thing to do to ride the current of screeching baseless anger to push your idea forward. Good job there Robespierre.

Are things perfect? Of course not. CCP makes mistakes like all of us. Incursions are still an income issue, as are c5 and c6 wormholes. The fact that strong entities can nail themselves to their wh with little fear of eviction while raking in the billions is problematic. CCP is attempting to address the income issue in nullsec right now. Yes, citadels have issues. Yes, sov can use some touching up as well. No, throwing your toys out of the crib doesn’t make you useful to the process. You can disagree and have a discussion, but childish little “I’m quitting Eve nyah!” knee-jerk reactions don’t reflect well on you. I was sitting on comms of a prominent alliance (You know the one) listening to one of the directors remark through clenched teeth that he cancelled his plans to go to Eve Vegas or Fanfest because if he saw CCP Fozzie, he wouldn’t be able to control himself and he’d punch him in the face. If you are getting that angry over space pixels, you’re a loser plain and simple. That’s really my big issue with all of this. How the player base will latch onto an employee and absolutely cry for their blood like some rabid animal. #CCPQuantDidNothingWrong

Eve People: There’s no conflict drivers!

Also those same people: Let’s NIP with everyone that can kill muh ratting sooopurz

CCP: Let’s introduce some resource scarcity to drive conflict and stop the hyperinflation

Those people again: Not muh ratting ticks reeeeee! Muh deeps! Riot now!

Also quit crying about how CCP sells 240 plex but sells skins for 250. Just buy the remaining 10 plex off market and get your stupid spaceship skin you dolt. Is it a gimmick to sell more plex? Sure, for people not smart enough to figure out they can buy 10 plex in Jita.

Dear CCP, try to wade through the idiotic screeching and find the good suggestions. Ignore literally 99 percent of everything else. Thank you for this awesome game and I appreciate your continued dedication to making Eve fun. I enjoy the game and plenty of other people who don’t have my platform to speak up do too.

Featured image credit: /u/6Vinatieri from reddit

Secondary image: /r/eve subreddit front page as of this post