Hi Space Friends,
Coming with our release on Tuesday, we’re significantly reducing the damage output of Fighters.

We are making this change because Carriers & Supercarriers are too strong in PvE, specifically anomaly ratting in Nullsec. As you may have seen in the May Monthly Economy Report, there is a significant upward trend in the Money Supply. This is primarily due to NPC Bounties.

This trend is unsustainable. Having such a large ISK faucet is bad for the economy, and this ISK faucet is concentrated to a relatively small number of players.

We also think that Carriers and Supercarriers are a bit too effective in PvP now. This change will significantly change the PvP balance, but we’re confident that Carriers and Supercarriers will remain powerful options for PvP.


Light Fighters (Space Superiority): No Change
Light Fighters (Attack): 20% reduction to Basic Attack and Heavy Rocket Salvo damage.
Support Fighters: No Change
Heavy Fighters (Heavy Attack): 10% reduction to Basic Attack and Torpedo Salvo damage.
Heavy Fighters (Long Range Attack): 30% reduction to Basic Attack damage.
Heavy Fighters (Shadow): No Change
NPCs are 15% more likely to shoot at fighters than they are currently.

We will continue to observe the economy after these changes and will make adjustments as necessary to keep it healthy for all our players.

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