Eve News 24 received this video from Captain Ace Rico of Stay Frosty who also flies with the ‘Public’ Worm Hole Group “Vulfpek”. This public group specializes in PVE content in wormhole space. From the looks of the video looks like NPC content action and can occasionally be fun. I was impressed with the logi pilots in this video. Enjoy and if you’re interested in flying with them then you can learn about them at http://vulfpeck.space/¬†or stop by and see them on in their public in-game channel “Vulfpek Fleets”.

The next Vulfpak Fleet will be Saturday, June 10, 2017 @22:00 EVE

EVE Online: Vulfpeck Fleets Takes On 7 Drifter Response Battleships! // PVE GAMEPLAY //

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