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While the uninitiated might believe Gallente Militia is a vital and healthy community — it has, after all, snatched control of the Gallente-Caldari war zone back from its enemy at an impressive pace. However, if one looks but a little closer, scratching away as it were the slick paint on a Derptron, it becomes apparent that their culture is still deeply problematic. These past few days, however, have shown that perhaps there is still hope for certain factions in the Gallente Militia, and it appears that it might be the proud alliance of GMVA that is beginning to see the light, or rather the Cold Dark of Lord JAWS.

Hope is on the Horizon!

The Price of “Freedom”

Instead of offering true freedom to their capsuleers, the Federation militias have been consolidating into even more rigid, larger structures with strict rules and regulations.

Under the guise of content and opportunity, new and Alpha clone capsuleers are spooned into low-quality ships and dispatched to mindlessly plex empty systems in all corners of the warzone. These “farming” automatons have no free will any more. They work tirelessly to please their overlords, their only purpose in life to raise the Gallente Tier level as high as possible so the Elite ruling class of GalMil, the cabal of CEOs and Directors that decide on the fate of thousands, can cash out on their billions of ISK worth in Loyalty Points.

Each day we see that abomination unto Jaws, the Warp Core Stabilizer, fitted to stabbed farming Atron, or worse still, the multiple-stabbed Catalyst or Coercer, in great numbers all over Black Rise. The GalMil complaints late last year of Caldari farmers ring hollow today, as their own army of slaves raises contested rates in dozens of systems at the same time in immense numbers. This practice takes away the opportunity for meaningful action from low sec space in general, as regular pirates and solo PvP pilots will attest. But worst of all, it teaches new capsuleers anti-patterns of self-destructive and mind-numbing behavior.

Of course, this penchant for destroying the free mind and squashing the fighting spirit in newer capsuleers is not net. Mere months ago, a coalition of FEDUP and other GalMil alliances wilfully destroyed the old Placid Fight Club, refusing to practice what Lord Jaws has proclaimed — that our only hope of salvation lies in bloody PvP.

Instead, they chose to blob and avoid true fights at all cost, sending unstoppable waves of no-life plexers and farming slaves over all of Placid first.

Today, they are attempting to repeat the slash-and-burn process in northern Black Rise… but at what cost?

How many new capsuleers will choose permanent death after burning out from endless hours of plexing at 5AM simply to meet the demands of their Elders?

Hope in Villore

It was with some elation that we recently saw how a respected alliance in Gallente Militia, GMVA, dropped the factional war for a limited time. Ostensibly a result of incorporating a wormhole corporation into their alliance so they could participate in the upcoming Alliance Tournament (the sordid truth behind the slick propaganda on their fake news channel The Federal Frontier), it’s not impossible that this alliance is simply slowly becomes ready for a better future. They have ventured into null security space, they are focusing heavily on the Alliance Tournament, and they regularly run doctrine fleets that truly look for honorable and brutal battle, the way Lord Jaws wills it.

Then today, their leader Julianus Soter published a thoughtful piece on governing a capsuleer corporation, titled “Proper Government in the Capsuleer Age”, in which he asks pertinent questions:

So many pilots have become so hurt by poor leadership, poor governance, and poor quality of day to day opportunities, that they are resigned to accept whatever is forced upon them.[…] Many more capsuleers have retired into obscurity as there appear to be no good options left.

So, how then are we to bring back these embittered and wary capsuleers, and renew our efforts to establish a new Capsuleer Age?

Clearly, the “Freedom” offered by the Gallente Militia takes a heavy toll on their militiamen- and women. In his article, Julianus Soter arrives at a leadership model that may be revolutionary to GalMil, but sounds so obvious to members of Black Shark Cult: anyone can join our Cult, and anyone who wants to take initiative is stimulated to do so. Guidance is offered to those who want to command fleets, doctrines ships are made available for free, and progression to the ranks can be as swift as the individual capsuleer desires.

Indeed, even today, Black Shark Cult is recruiting aspiring fleet commanders. New Alpha pilots have risen through our ranks, moving from Initiates to Zealots of Lord Jaws in a matter of months or in some cases even weeks: an exciting prospect for many new Cultists.

The time is now

It raises our spirits to see how at least some in the Gallente leadership are beginning to see the error of their dictatorial ways, and we can only hope that in the near future these few enlightened individuals will spread their insights to the rest of the militia.

Just yesterday, GalMil initiated a new assault on the home system of Eha. The siege was started by the old guard of JUSTK and BEBOP, supported by general militia cannon fodder, and on a holiday — the old dogs have not changed their tricks. However, this presents an excellent opportunity for all capsuleers who want to dive into the exciting world of faction warfare: join up now and help beat back the waves of the GalMil attrition fleets! Lord Jaws needs you. Low Sec needs you. Join Now!

Lynx Artrald

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