TEST Alliance held a state of the alliance’ (SOTA) today led by veteran fleet commander Progodlegend which outlined the alliances upcoming plans for a alliance level military deployment to the region of Stain. The deployment, including TEST’s Capital Fleet, objective will be to attack and purge assets belonging to the Stainwagon Coalition. The Stainwagon Coalition has lived in the Stain region since the TEST led Legacy Coalition evicted Stainwagon from it’s space during the recent Winter War.

Progodlegend began the meeting by explaining the progress of the ‘Manhattan Project’ which had been previously launched after the last SOTA. Their intentions were to build up a cache of dreadnought capital ships to provide a strategic deterrent of hostile alliances dropping large Titan and Super-Carrier Fleets during engagements. The alliance members effort to support the project was described by Progodlegend as “pretty solid” and that 450 billion (280 billion isk in standard donations, and 170 billion isk in compressed ore) was raised of the 600 billion wanted, which allowed for the alliance to build a dread-cache of  400 dreadnoughts of the 500 wanted.

The reason for not being able to fully reach the aforementioned goals was attributed to interference from the Stainwagon Coalition now based in Stain. Since major hostilities ended after Legacy Coalition finished driving Stainwagon out of the south they have conducted a sustained series of attacks on TEST and their allies’ space and holdings and were able disrupt some of the activities supporting TEST’s efforts to build their dread cache.

As part of TEST Alliance’s Military Command he stated these attacks needed to be dealt with and that TEST is now on a war footing and will be deploying to the staging system of 9RQ-L8 to launch a full-scale attack on Stainwagon’s assets within the NPC Region of Stain.

“Stain is not their region anymore and TEST will take all thier moons and kill all of their structures.” –Progodlegend

Historically Stainwagon has retreated to region of Stain after being driven from their sovereign space. They then typically, as they are doing now, wage a war of attrition against whoever occupies their space from the relative safe space of the NPC Region.  As stations in NPC space are not conquerable Stainwagon cannot be evicted from the space and as such it is hard to actually remove them from Stain. These issues aside, Progodlegend, is confident that the Legacy Coalition can degrade Stainwagon’s  moon income and destroy their staging systems and thus significantly reduce there ability to operate in the region. Progodlegend warned that Pandemic Legion may have their dreadnought cache stored in 9RQ-L8 which may open up the possibility of them acting as a third-party in the conflict.

It remains to be seen how much of a factor allies of Stainwagon will be in the upcoming conflict.

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