EVE-Scout today announced a new service on Reddit. In the announcement Thricehappy wrote;

Today, we are officially announcing EvE-Scout Rescue, New Eden’s premier wormhole rescue service. In accordance with our Credo of neutrality, friendship, and service, our rescue services are available to all capsuleers, regardless of play style or affiliation.

If you’ve ever been disconnected from your probes while in a wormhole and been stranded as a result, and were in an expensive ship or a clone with pricey implants and didn’t want to just self-destruct, you know how frustrating this can be. Our service aims to help out in this situation — and for when you were just forgetful or careless. No worries!

You can read more about their service at http://evescoutrescue.com/, join the public EvE-Scout channel in-game, or drop a line to Thrice Hapus.

Signal Cartel [1420.] is New Eden’s largest exploration corporation in New Eden. Their credo prohibits initiating aggression, requires respectful behaviour toward ALL players, and advocates friendly helpfulness and support toward everyone.

These and new service are free and available to capsuleers of all play styles and allegiance. You can read more about their programmes on the official EVEScout website.

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