The past week has supplied more than enough videos from around New Eden. From ambient videos, fake trailers and some hilarious or tense PvP moments, these are EVE News 24’s picks for the past week:

#1 Tengu VS Cal-mil by Lord Molly

Lord Molly returns with a new video, this time featuring a Tengu strategic cruiser for his solo PvP adventures. However as the video shows, he soon finds himself fighting more than he bargained for.


#2 Nano-Cruisers: Solo PVP by Rasmus Christiansen

A selection of solo PvP clips featuring the Osprey Navy Issue and Phantasm cruisers.


#3 EVE Online – The Barghest by Everything EVE

A beautiful cinematic video showcasing the Bhargest, the flattest ship New Eden and the Mordus Legion’s mainline battleship.


#4 DEIMOS going deep – EVE Online Solo PVP by Lynnly Rorschach_EVE Online

A video introducing the Deimos heavy assault cruiser, one of my favorite ships in New Eden. The video showcases the ship’s brawling ability in an actual fight.


#5 EVE anime opening by fipmip

Though I am loathe to post cut and past jobs of EVE Online trailers, this one is just good enough to overcome this personal tick of mine. Taking the EVE Online trailers and cobbling an anime series opening from them is quite a feat. How is that not a thing!?


#6 Hero Blasthoon. by worstplayerever

Another demonstration of solo PvP, this time featuring an unconventional ship: The blaster fit Typhoon battleship. Though not uncommon to see a rapid heavy missile or cruise missile Typhoon, this ship is a close range brawler that goes against the grain. The worst part is, it actually works!



Do you have any videos that either you have made or watched that you think are particularly good? If so, please feel free to submit them to me on either Twitter (@SalivanHarddin), Gmail ([email protected]) or via in-game mail (Salivan Harddin). Until next week!

Salivan Harddin is a member of Hoover Inc., Pandemic Legion, and covers battles across New Eden

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