User Interface:

Added a Total Net Worth counter to the character sheet. This is accessed by clicking a ? icon in the character sheet header. This counter updates once every 5 minutes.

Defect Fixes:

User Interface:

Fixed an issue where custom scanning filters could get in a bad state and prevent the new scanning system from working.

Fixed an issue with Probe and Directional Scanner window transparency when undocked from the Solar System map.

Fixed an issue where the Scan Strength tooltip in the Probe Scanner window was not showing the correct bonus for tech 3 cruisers.

Fixed some overlapping text in the Probe Scanner window.

Fixed an issue where manual input to the directional scan range field was not properly working.

Fixed an issue where the probe scanner and directional scanner could end up behind the map when switching to fullscreen.

Fixed an issue where the D-scan cone could become stuck at a 360 degree angle.

[ Full patch notes and fixes ]

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