The Darkwater Prophet bring news of war and conquest from the dark waters in New Eden’s low security space. Written by the folks at Black Shark Cult, we invite you to read more of their exploits at their official blog.

Black Shark Cult is currently executing some complicated maneuvers in the Placid warzone, boldly advancing in a rearward direction out of the contested systems of Iges, Covryn and Uphallant.

These maneuvers follow almost a week of heavy fighting over the system of Covryn, during which the Cult pleased Lord Jaws immensely and in doing so, broke the near-magical barrier of 1,000 kills in a single week — which incidentally also brought Black Shark Cult to the top rank for all of Caldari Militia.

#1 baby!

The Priesthood of Black Shark Cult is immensely proud and thankful to the faithful, and also wants to extend its gratitude to the hordes of Gallente pilots who offered themselves up to the righteous slaughter.

With the new alliance FEDUP (320+ members) and JUSTK (120+ members) showing up in force, there were plenty of targets for the Sharkies.

JAWS reached 1,000 kills in the last 7 days — with just 50 active PvP pilots facing combined GalMil forces numbering 400

Here’s what one the Cult’s battle-hardened warriors, Zealot Cain Theophilus had to say on the fighting when asked about how he had experienced the fights over the weekend:

Here’s my main thought: apparently 50% logi fleet comps are pretty strong, especially when you outnumber the enemy 4 to 1.
10/10 fight would do again. Also, I’d happily lose every system in the constellation if we keep getting fights like this weekend. We will just take them back anyway.

Prophetic words if ever I saw them! His words lead us to an observation that brings sadness to the followers of the Great Lord Jaws: our GalMil opponents in FEDUP, nor perhaps the other GalMil corporations that deployed to Placid to fight us, do not share the vision of glorious combat that the Cult proclaims.
Instead, they huddle up in a ball inside a single plex, even when they outnumber the faithful by as much two to one, or even three to one. They seem to be enamored with orbiting plex buttons to such an unholy degree that they let opportunities to have fights go to waste.

Gate camping, blobbing with double the enemy numbers, running fleet comps with 50% or more logi, and docking up whenever these preconditions were not met — all of these things are an Abomination to our Lord Jaws, and I know, yes, I have Faith that he will bring his wrath down upon them to avenge their unholy Risk-aversion.

In the meantime, the Cult will continue doing what it does best: fight tooth and nail when the opportunity presents itself and presenting its new Sharkies with lots of learning opportunities in the process. The current tactical operations are just another stage in our development, getting ourselves ready to strike once more at the heart of the enemy when they have exhausted their poor alarm-clocking thralls.

Lynx Artrald

Leader in Black Shark Cult [-JAWS] corporation. Proud former member of N0MAD, REKTD, ST-FR, and E-UNI.

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