It’s patch note day! Here are the patch notes for the YC119.3 / March 14 release.

Patch notes for 119.3
Published on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Features & Changes



  • Fighters have their signature radius increased. Details here.
  • Shadows have a 25% buff to damage. Details here.
  • The Wyvern and Hel have had their fighter hangars increased by 10,000 m3.
  • Burst Projectors have a significant buff to effect duration. Details here.
  • The Focused Warp Disruption Script no longer scrambles (shutting down MWDs & MJDs). Details here.
  • A new script, the Focused Warp Scrambling Script has been introduced. Details here.
  • The Mining Laser Field Enhancement mining foreman burst has had its base bonus increased by 33%.
  • The base lock range of Covetor mining barges and all Exhumers have been increased

    • Covetor: +5 km
    • Skiff and Mackinaw: +5 km
    • Hulk: +10 km

Drones & FIghters:

  • The Mining Drone II now requires the Mining Drone Specialization to use, and gains the yield and speed benefits from that skill.
  • 'Excavator' ore mining drones have received a balance pass

    • Faster cycle time of 60 seconds
    • Decreased yield per cycle of 110 m3
  • 'Excavator' drones will now provide killmails when destroyed
  • Increased the maximum possible drone interaction range from 250 km to 500 km to allow drones to be used more effectively against XL structures (This has no effect on the range a target must be from the controlling ship).
  • We've made some changes to assignable shortcuts for drone actions:

    • Added a Launch Drones shortcut: By default this will act like right clicking on “Drones in Bay” and selecting Launch Drones, but you can now also select a favorite drone group to be the default target for this shortcut (Saved per hull type).
    • Expanded the “Engage Drones” shortcut to also give the “Mine Repeatedly” command to any mining drones.
  • Fighter tooltips have been drastically expanded with many additional pieces of useful information.
  • Relaxed the throttling on giving orders to Fighter Squadrons. This should result in less occurrences of busy squadrons during high APM usage.
  • Added assignable shortcuts for various fighter actions (These are unassigned by default but can be set up in the Esc menu):

    • Launch all Fighters
    • Open Fighter Bay
    • Select All Fighters
    • Deselect All Fighters
    • Recall All Fighters
    • Launch Selected Fighters
    • Recall Selected Fighters
    • Toggle Selection of Tube 1-5
    • Toggle Selection of Ship


  • The asteroids within Asteroid Cluster anomalies have had their spread increased
  • The drop rates of module blueprints from data sites has been adjusted to better match consumption. The main impact of this change is increased drop rates for Small Ancillary Armor Repairer blueprints.


  • ORE ships have been visually upgraded with new paint jobs and texture tweaks to accentuate their industrial natures.
  • The Caldari Destroyer Cormorant and Interdictor Flycatcher have been completely redesigned.
  • An additional redesign has updated the look of the Caldari Carrier Chimera.
  • The overhaul of the Post Processing System is complete, incorporating tone mapping and contrast adjustment into the New Eden starscape.


  • Scanner Probes now have to be over 2 km from the players ship to be recalled.
  • The Rorqual's PANIC module now requires that the ship has an ore or ice asteroid locked before it can be activated.
  • ORE Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters have had their optimal range increased to 18.75 km and 12.5 km respectively.


  • Added a new task to the final operation of the tutorial, to make sure players redeem their tutorial rewards.
  • The physical size of Gneiss, Dark Ochre, Spodumain, Crokite, Bistot, Arkonor and Mercoxit asteroids have been increased.
  • The list of items that are allowed inside the cargoholds of ships within ship maintenance arrays and ship maintenance bays has been expanded to include boosters, liquid ozone and strontium in addition to charges.

Structures & Deployables:

  • Repair is now available as a standard NPC service in all Upwell structures. This service is provided free of charge to anyone who has access to the Structure. 
  • Undocking from a Upwell Structure with a session change timer will now queue and then action the undock once the timer has expired (As it currently works in a station).
  • It is no longer possible to transfer ownership of player structures over to the CCP corporations.
  • Mobile Warp Disruptors have received a balance pass:

    • All Mobile Warp Disruptors will now generate killmails when destroyed
    • All Mobile Warp Disruptors will decay and explode if left in space for extended periods of time.

      • Two days for all T1 bubbles
      • One week for all T2 bubbles
      • Two weeks for all Syndicate bubbles
    • Hitpoints and shield regeneration of Mobile Warp Disruptors have been adjusted:

      • ~10% less HP for T1 bubbles
      • ~20% more HP for T2 bubbles
      • ~50% more HP for Syndicate bubbles
      • Significantly longer shield regen times for all anchored bubbles, which will reduce passive shield tanking by the bubbles and make destroying them with low DPS much easier
    • Syndicate bubbles now have the same disruption range as tech 2 bubbles and require tech 2 bubbles as part of their LP store offers

User Interface:

  • Changed instances of 'red cross' symbols in the game to comply with the Geneva Conventions

Probe Scanner, Directional Scanner and Solar System Map:

A number of changes have been made to the Probe and Directional Scanner, as well as some changes to the Solar System Map.

  • Reduced visual intensity of items in scene

    • Sun
    • Solar System lines
    • Cosmic Signature spheres
    • Probe Spheres
  • Added icons for each type of exploration site to the Probe Scanner window and solar system map
  • Added scan progress to the Solar System map
  • Added animations when a signature moves between scans
  • Added animations when changing the size of probes
  • Added a new color state for scanning progress between Orange and Green, this will now be as follows:

    • 0% to 24.9% – Red
    • 25% to 74.9% – Orange
    • 75% to 99.9% – Yellow
    • 100% and warpable – Green 
  • Changed color of directional scan shape in solar system map from blue to green
  • Added highlights to brackets when they are within the directional scan shape and "Show Scan Cone" is enabled
  • Added current system nebula to the solar system map
  • Added pulse animation upon scanning a signature to 100%
  • Added the ability to dock the Probe and Directional Scanner windows inside the solar system map
  • Corrected the shape of the Directional Scanner representation
  • Changed it so that selecting a signature no longer removes all others from the solar system map, the selected one should however be brighter.
Probe and camera manipulation:
  • Improved picking of probe manipulation object
  • Probe manipulation object handles should always be facing the player
  • Deactivate probe manipulation object handles at an angle where the handle would be hard to pick
  • Removed ability to pick probe bubbles for resizing
  • Added Probe Size slider to the Probe Scanner window
  • Added ability to toggle between a top and side view in solar system map
Probe Scanner:
  • Changed layout of Probe Scanner window
  • Added information about current Scan Strength, Scan Deviation, and scan Duration

    • These include the base value, modifiers, total bonus and total value
  • Changed probe list to no longer show all 8 probes
  • Improved Probe Scanner filter editor
  • Added messages to inform the player when they are filtering or ignoring all results
  • Added message for if the system has zero signatures and anomalies
  • Changed Analyze button to be a Launch button if the player has a probe launcher fit and loaded with probes
  • Added tooltips for all cosmic signatures that are scanned to less than 25%
  • Added tooltips for each cosmic signature group once it is revealed at 25% or above
  • Changed it so that the Ignored list in the Probe Scanner is only visible when signatures are being ignored
  • Added scan difficulty to cosmic signature tooltip in Probe Scanner window and to the label in the Solar System Map

    • Scan Difficulty is a level from I – V, where I is easy to scan and V is hard to scan
    • Examples:

      • Unstable Wormhole = level I
      • Superior Sleeper Cache = Level V
Directional Scanner:
  • Changed layout of Directional Scanner window
  • Added icons column to Directional Scanner window
  • Moved the following options from the solar system map header to the Directional Scanner window:

    • Align with Camera
    • Show Scan Cone
  • Improved tracking functionality of Directional Scanner

    • 'Track' shortcut should be more reliable
    • 'Directional Scan' shortcut can now also be used to track objects in the solar system map and probe scanner
    • Holding 'Directional Scan' and left mouse click can now be used to move the Directional Scan camera
    • Holding 'Directional Scan' and scrolling mousewheel will change the range of the Directional Scanner
  • Added hologram representation of ships found on directional scan to the solar system map. They will only appear if they are new to a scan from previous angle/range. Hovering an entry in the Directional Scanner window will display the hologram representation.

Defect Fixes

Drones & FIghters:

  • Drones that are being repaired by an Upwell Structure tether will now correctly update their hitpoints.
  • EWAR icons will now be correctly removed from a Fighter squadron's buff bar when their originating NPC is destroyed.
  • Show info windows for fighter squadrons now correctly display their skill and module adjusted values.
  • The fitting window now estimates the best potential DPS from loaded fighter squadrons. (The dps tooltip breaks down the damage coming from different abilities).


  • Corrected an issue with the textures used on Citadels when at low level of detail.
  • Fixed preview lighting on some apparel items.
  • Fixed visibility of the boosters on the Executioner and upper tier hulls.
  • Fixed resolution of the icons on the Info window.
  • Fixed visibility of the station perimeter lights under certain settings.
  • Stopped the undocking lights from constantly flashing in hangar mode.
  • Fixed collision geometry on a Gallente Station.
  • Fixed Tormentor geometry asymmetry and other minor tweaks.
  • Adjusted docking perimeter lights on a Gallente station.
  • Fixed booster VFX on the Keres.
  • Certain hats and berets now appear correctly in the Show Info window.
  • Restored female short ponytail hair style when physics simulation is enabled.
  • Texture fix applied to the Retriever.
  • Corrected the asymmetrical arrangement of turrets on the Minmatar Frigate Slasher.
  • Fixed the harsh LOD transition on the Rorqual.
  • Added missing dynamic animation to Heavy Missile Turrets preview.


  • NPC Haulers from Mining Operations now have the correct wrecks.
  • Arithmos Tyannos (Drifter Response Battleship) now applies their neutralizers correctly.
  • NPCs will now correctly assess the threat of Fighters.
  • An issue where the required items sometimes didn't appear during the mission: Interstellar Railroad (1 of 4) has been fixed.


  • Titan Weapon Disruption Resistances now correctly work against NPC Weapon Disruptors.
  • The Bastion module now gives full immunity to Weapon Disruptors (both player and NPC).


  • The description of Fighter Support Units now has 'Hangar' spelled correctly.
  • Arch Angel Depleted Uranium L ammunition now has the correct mass (1 kg)
  • Exploit fixes have made New Eden a better place.

Missions & NPCs:

  • Mission rewards can no longer provide BPCs with ME values above 10%.

Structures & Deployables:

  • Bookmarks can now be moved from the People & Places window directly into the Item Hangar of an Upwell Structure.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause Mobile Siphon Units to fail to deploy in small numbers of lowsec systems with the highest truesec.
  • Docking at a structure whilst a Safe-Logoff is in progress will now correctly cancel the logoff timer.
  • Engineering Complexes now have their correct max targeting range of 350 km.
  • Fixed an issue with warping to a Keepstar wreck that would put the ship at a range of 5000 km, instead of the desired range.
  • It is no longer possible to create courier contracts to Upwell structures that are still anchoring.
  • It is no longer possible to open the directional scan window with a keyboard shortcut while being docked in an Upwell structure.
  • Personal items stored in Upwell structures can now be remotely trashed.
  • Removed "Set Destination" and "Add Waypoint" options from the contextual menu for simulated Structures.
  • Removed dock option from the context menus of Upwell structure that aren't online.
  • Structure modules will no longer get stuck when a new character takes control whilst the module is cycling.
  • Taking control of an Upwell Structure in High-Sec and then releasing control again and undocking will no longer force your personal safety settings to fully enabled. The safety settings will still be fully enabled while having control of the structure.
  • To prevent impersonation/obfuscation exploits, Upwell structure names can no longer include unicode characters.˙sƃuıɥʇ ǝɔıu ǝʌɐɥ ʇ,uɐɔ noʎ ʎɥʍ sı sıɥ⊥
  • When attempting to take control of a structure it would sometimes incorrectly report that a character was already controlling it, even though it was unpiloted.
  • When docked in an Upwell structure with an active ship that had a completely full cargo hold, it was not possible to unload charges from modules fitted to that ship. Unloading such charges will now work as in stations, by putting the charges directly into the structure hangar bay instead of the ship's cargo hold.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause bookmarks to be lost if you attempt to drag them to invalid structure locations.


  • Fixed various grammar and formatting issues in the tutorial.
  • Removed references to EVElopedia from in-game texts.
  • A text issue with the Caldari version of the 'Weapon of Choice 7 of 10' mission has been fixed.
  • An extraneous line break in the description of the 'Survivor' item has been removed.
  • The descriptions of the Civilian Data and Relic Analyzers have been updated to inform players that they only work on tutorial containers.
  • The formatting of the descriptions of multiple wreck objects has been improved.
  • The tutorial 'Skip' message has been updated to inform players that there is no way to replay the tutorial if they skip it.
  • Adding reference to the Standup Supercap facilities to the description of the "Supercapital Construction Facilities" infrastructure upgrade.
  • Various minor grammar, spelling and formatting fixes.

User Interface:

  • An issue with a missing UI Highlight in the tutorial has been fixed.
  • Added a UI highlight to the 'Approach data shard' tutorial task.
  • Pressing the Esc key while viewing the new map in fullscreen now closes the new map.
  • Copying the "Fitting and Content" section of a Kill Report now correctly copies all the contained information, instead of just the headers.
  • Dragging and dropping the icon of an Upwell Structure from a ShowInfo window onto the fitting window will now correctly simulate that structures hull.
  • Fixed a broken context menu when right-clicking certain bookmarks whilst docked in an Upwell structure.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the consumption of SKIN licenses if the license was located in an Upwell structure in a different solar system.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the blueprints tab of the industry window to fail to load if the "Owned by corp" filter was selected.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause 100% resistance attribute to be missing from show info windows.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause system names to be unlinkable if the system contain an Upwell Structure.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the number of total buy orders, sell order, range of orders, and more to be missing from the bottom of the orders tab of the wallet.
  • In space brackets will no longer stop the selection of a vector when using the 2 point targeting.
  • Reformatted the description of Invulnerability Core Operation skill.
  • The "Deliver To" structure service no longer allows items to be transferred to DUST characters, resulting in loss of those items.
  • The corporation window can now be opened from its respective screen in the Captain's Quarters.
  • The fleet loot history will no longer include entries for modules fitted to ships while docked in Upwell Structures.
  • The ShowInfo windows of unboarded ships in Upwell Structures now display a correctly populated Fittings tab.
  • The window for creating a contract offers now to use the estimated price of the included items (as also used in other places like the inventory window) instead of the "base price", which is often missing or outdated.
  • The Jump button for an available jump clone now updates correctly upon docking.

Probe Scanner, Directional Scanner and Solar System Map:

  • Fixed an issue where the Probe Scanner Analyze and Directional Scanner Scan button would not change color for the theme selected
  • Fixed an issue where a signature could show 100% and warpable but the player would not be able to warp to it
  • Fixed an issue where the Increase and Decrease Probe Scan Range shortcuts would not work
  • Fixed an issue where having a signature selected then right-clicking another signature using "Ignore Result" would ignore the selected result and not the result the player wanted to actually ignore
  • Fixed an issue where hovering items in the overview would not highlight them in the Solar System map
  • Fixed an issue where the next stargate in the route was not being highlighted in the solar system map
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to move probes while they were analyzing.
  • Changed the shortcuts for the directional scanner's filters in order to fix conflicts with the camera.
  • Fixed an issue where unfitting a probe launcher while probe scanning could cause the game to become unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where the appearance of new signatures could reset the progress of probe scanning.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the ship tree or planet view could reset probe scan results.
  • Fixed an issue where the probe scanner and directional scanner could be opened while loading into the CQ.
  • Added a limit of 24 custom filters to the probes scanning to stop the filters from getting into a broken state.

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